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No. Suyi Hospital is a private hospital in Benin, the neighbouring country to the west of Nigeria.


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is there a hospital called as victory medical hospital in nigeria

yes there is a private hospital in Nigeria called light hospital and its in Lagos state

as a resident of nigeria, i concur :)

The population of Suyi is 31.

Is there a hospital called Lemavie Hospital in Nigeria

Yes. Best Care Hospital, Agbowo, Ibadan, Nigeria.

is there hospital that are called amazeing

is there a hospital called grace or amazing grace in lagos nigeria

No there is no building in Nigeria that is called Baylod Medical Centre.

Is there a Dr. Peter Anderson at the Adefemi Hospital

According to the bible, "No, Jesus said"

No, there is no hospital in Lagos, Nigeria that has been named Victory. However, there is one that is called Victoria Island Consultancy & Hospital.

is there a hospital or clinic called tood tidings specialist hospital, lagos nigeria Emmanuel Godwin is the name of a "lurker" trying to follow me on twitter. And looks like he could be sitting in an internet cafe in Nigeria...

yes there is. The hospital is on Aderigan Ogunsanya street.

yes there is but not called exactly that. if someone contacts you usin that hospital its most likely the 419 scam

Yes there is an hospital i know call victory hospital here in Ikaja,Lagos

Blue Cross Hospital is located on Ijaiye Road, Ogba, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria. Phone number: (+234-80) 36675195, 23011385

Yes, there is a king Solomon hospital in lagos with branches in Anthony village,ikeja and ketu.

Yes, there is an hospital called "County Hospital" in Ogba, Ikeja, Lagos State. I was born there!

St. Gregory Hospital is in the city of Ado Ekiti Nigeria

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