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Q: Is there a law in Canada for animal testing?
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What is the current law on animal testing in Canada?

The current law on animal testing in Canada is that people are not allowed to test animals on cosmetic products, but are allowed to test medicine on the animals!

Is animal testing illegal in Canada?

In Canada, The current law is that your not allowed to test cosmetics on animals, BUT medicine is allowed!

Is animal testing legal in Canada?

animal testing is illegal in canada under the Contemporary Canadian Criminal Code that has been in place since confederation

Is some animal testing required by law?

No. There is no legal requirement for animal testing.

Should Canada ban animal testing?

Yes, animal testing should be banned because it kills our animals.

Are pandas and polar bears used for animal testing?

By law, only their butts are used for animal testing. No joke.klick

When was cosmetic animal testing made illgal in Canada?

I am afraid that animal cosmetic testing isn't banned in Canada yet. They are allowed to use animals in medical testing and cosmetic testing, under strict laws that the cosmetics are under a certain policy.

Where is animal testing legal?

you really shouldn't do animal testing but it is in the uk i think, aisia, austrailia, canada, us, europe, bu i recommend not doing it as it is just cruel and vile!!!!!

If there is no law on animal testing then why is it being done?

The reason we should get rid of animal testing is because it is torture to the animals and animals dont have the same reactions to things like humans do. they react a whole lot differently. So please stop animal testing & animal cruelty!

Why animal testing is good?

Animal testing is not good.

Is animal testing okay?

animal testing is NOT okay

How much does Canada spend on animal testing?

There is an estimated five to ten billion dollars spent on animals testing yearly in Canada. In the U.S. the average is higher at nearly sixteen billion dollars.

Why animal testing is right?

Animal testing isn't right.

Which countries allow animal testing?

most states test on animals (wich i think is very wrong)Australia, UK, USA, Sweden, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, China, Singapore, Canada, Greece. They are all the ones i know.Why you asking me, I don't know :LMany countries actually. I think the biggest animal testing lab is in the USA, but animal testing takes place in the UK and many other Eurpoean countries.Animal testing is used in Asia, Canada, the U.S.A and Australia.Europe and Britain have banned animal testing for cosmetics.

What is the difference of abuse testing and animal testing?

Animal testing you need it, if not they would test humans,

What states make it a law to ban cosmetic testing on animals?

Cosmetic testing in animals is not banned in any state. Animal testing is actually strongly supported by the government. For instance, the Department of Defense spends $100 million on animal testing each year. The main reason that it is hard for cosmetic companies to get away from animal testing is the very strict laws regarding the safety of their products. By law they have to be able to show the effects of their products over time and in large quantities. Though a question of ethics, animal testing is a long way from being out the door.

When did animal testing began?

Animal testing began in the 17th Century.

Who are the stakeholders against animal testing?

people who are against animal testing.

Is hunting just as bad as animal testing?

no it is not as bad then animal testing

Where can you find animal testing graphs?

Animal testing graphs on how many die and get injured go to ..... not graphs but figure which will help....

What are the views on animal testing in different religions?

why do people test on animals isnt it aginst the law why not people ?

What can you do to stop animal testing?

You can stop animal testing by buying NON animal tested products...

What is a clever title for animal testing?

testing testing 123

What are the religious views on animal testing?

Google it... UMAD BRO?

Is there animal testing in Australia?

Yes, animal testing is around the whole world !