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no its called privacy

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Why wont the florist tell you who sent you flowers?

The person who sent the flowers, and paid the florist, wants to be anonymous.

Do every florist provide a sympathy flower delivery?

Yes, most of your florist companies in store or on the web provide sympathy flowers, and are able to deliver them to the person to whom you want the flowers sent to.

Is it possible to send flowers to Canada?

Yes, it is absolutely possible to send flowers to Canada. Many florist offer service delivery to many different countries such as FTD and Telaflora. FTD is a reputable company for ordering flowers to have sent anywhere.

What is a recipient on Gmail?

The recipient is the person to whom the mail is to be sent. A recipient is the person who receives the email. The sender send the mail to recipient.

How do you find out who sent flowers anonymously?

call the florist they were sent through and see if they were billed by check or credit card. if the person paid cash, there isn't much you can do unless the sales person at the florist remembers the order and the person that made the order (which is not impossible, but is unlikely) maybe their description would give you enough info to know who it was...

What gifts can you send that will be sent the next day?

You can courier just about anything for next day service, such as jewelry, , gift baskets and a myriad of other things. The faster you want it to get to the receiver of the gift by courier the more money it will cost. If you phoned your local florist they will phone a florist in the City or Town that the recipient of the gift will receive by the next day. Florists are geared to do this. ANSWER: The very first gift you can send will be flowers, gift basket, plant, and sometimes food.

Is it common to say 'you was sent some flowers' if you get some flowers from someone else?

It is improper grammar to say "you was." You would either say, "I was sent some flowers," or "You were sent some flowers," not "You was sent some flowers." Although "Someone sent me (or you) some flowers" sounds better.

When does a k1 tax return have to be sent to a recipient?

The tax return itself, either Form 1065 or 1120S, do no have to be sent to the recipient. However, the Form K1 must be sent to the recipient so that they can report the income or pass through items such as 179 depreciation on their tax return.

How do you delete a message from facebook you sent so the user you sent it to doesnt get it?

If you have sent it then you cannot prevent the recipient receiving it.

Would you recommend Flowers Sent Today?

Absolutely not. My daughter ordered flowers online for Mothers Day delivery. They called her on the phone and told her they did not have the product she wanted and could not complete the order. So she ordered something from which arrived in good time. I left town on Tuesday after Mothers Day and didn't return until Sunday evening to find a vase of totally dead cut flowers at the front door. Apparently they delivered them after all and left them there to die. No attempt was made to leave a phone message or note on the other door. I contacted the florist when I got home and she was extremely rude. She blamed it all on Flowers Sent Today. After many calls to other online floral services who were very kind and tried to look for my order, I finally connected with the customer service representative at Flowers Sent Today. She refused to talk to me because I was not the sender, only the recipient. I don't think they would be violating any HIPPA rules by being kind and talking to me. After all, I am the one who knows what happened. It is only hearsay from my daughter telling them that the flowers were dead. They also used a florist in another town about 40 miles away when there are several within 5 miles of my house who always call ahead for a delivery to make sure someone is home. I live in Louisiana and even an hour in our heat is devastating to fresh cut flowers. Flowers Sent Today is owned and operated by Karin's Flowers of Viena, Virginia and I'm sure they would do a lovely job delivering for you locally. For orders outside their delivery area, finding local florists that actually fulfill the orders will give you the most product for your dollars spent. yes and no. yes: the product was good no: I odered on Tuesday for a Wednesday delivery and paid extra to rush delivery. The flowers weren't delivered until much for flowers sent TODAY.

How to Have Flower Deliveries Sent Yourself?

There is no specific occasion or a special time to arrange for flower deliveries. Flowers can be arranged to be delivered to family members on their birthday or to friends who are grieving. Flower deliveries are usually pre-ordered to be sent on specific holidays and for special events. Flowers can be fresh cut, plants, or with a balloon attached that says, ’Good Luck.’ With this in mind how about sending flowers to yourself? This would be appropriate for those who lack special occasions to celebrate or have anyone to send flowers to them. Flowers bring a smile to those who receive them. In fact, receiving flowers at the door on your birthday would be great way to put a smile on your face. Learn how to have flower deliveries sent to yourself. It is easy! 1. Think of all of the occasions that you would have liked to have had flowers delivered to your door. Jot down the reasons. Moreover, think of messages that you can write on the flower delivery cards. 3. Remember the day you graduated from school? How about the day that you got your first kiss? Think of the special times in your life that receiving flowers would have pleased you. Think hard! 4. Search the Internet for the variety of flowers or plants that you can order. Check out the special flower arrangements that are sent for holidays or birthdays. 5. Contact a local florist. Be sure that he is not a high class florist who over charges. Keep in mind that since you are arranging to have flowers delivered to yourself, you also will have to pay the bill. 6. Make a list of the month, and the occasion when you want to have flower deliveries sent to yourself . 7. Tell to the florist not to tell you what they are sending or the exact day. Explain that you want to be surprised. 8. Pay the bill for the order. Get a receipt. Then go home and go about your daily living. Forget about the flowers. A few times a year you will be pleasantly surprised when you get the delivery of the flowers you sent to yourself.

Can the flowers be sent with personally written messages?

Yes all florests nation wide have delivered flowers that can be sent out with personal written messages.

In Lotus Notes sent mail list what does a red envelope icon to the left of the recipient mean?

It means high importance sent.

Are the flowers sent through flowers direct in good condition when they arrive at destination?

In my opinion the flowers that are sent from flowers direct are in pretty good condition when they arrive to your door. They come in very good packing that keeps them very satisfied.

How do you send flowers anonymously so that the receiver will not be able to determine who sent them?

Phone your local florist. Just like your doctor, etc., if you request your name not be given they have to abide by your wishes, so even if the person went into the floral shop they will not give out this information. Simply tell your florist what type of flowers you want (or ask for suggestions) then tell them on the card you want, "To ________ (THESE ARE EXAMPLES: Just to say I love you or "an admirer" or "just because you're you." You can put what you feel you want on the card or no card at all.

Is there any way to see if a message you've sent on Facebook has been read by the recipient?

unfortunately, no.

What happens when you press send on an email?

The e-mail is instantly sent to the recipient, no matter where they are in the world.

How do you delete a sent message from a recipients mailbox in Hotmail if recipient has not open it?

You can't ! Once the message has been sent - the only person who can delete it - is the recipient (or someone who knows their password) ! It doesn't matter whether the message has been opened or not - you don't have the authority to delete it !

A Rewarding Career - A Florist?

If you have a green thumb and love working with flowers, you may very well have the calling to be a florist. It can be a rewarding career to deal with beautiful living plants and flowers all day, knowing that your lovely floral creations and arrangements will be purchased by customers to grace their homes. Flowers can bring happiness to many lives, from a bountiful centerpiece on the table at Thanksgiving dinner to a vase of red roses given to a wife by her husband. You might decide to open your own flower shop, or you could get a job in an already established store as a floral designer. It takes an eye for beauty to arrange flowers in such a way that they can become stunning works of art, and there are floral design schools that can give you the proper instruction to learn the tricks of the trade. If you decide that becoming a florist is what you would like to do with your life, you will have a rewarding career. It will also be demanding, but that is part of the challenge. Florists are located in every corner of the world and are needed to supply arrangements for a multitude of events and occasions. Weddings, birthdays, and anniversary parties can all require some type of flowers. A get well bouquet will cheer up someone who has been ill or is recovering from an operation. A tasteful floral arrangement will be sent to a funeral home as a way of saying goodbye to a loved one. Holidays are happy times when flowers can bring even more joy. And a beautiful flower arrangement can be sent to someone just to say hello and I love you. Flowers are a wonderful way to express feelings to other individuals, and a beautiful floral arrangement is bound to bring a smile to the face of the recipient. Working in a flower shop, whether you are the florist or an assistant to the owner of the store, can be one of the nicest ways to earn a living. Flowers can bestow happiness into many lives, and you can be a part of it.

How many flowers gets sent on Valentine's Day?

It is impossible to find a correct number but I would think that Billions of flowers are bought and sent to peoples sweethearts on Valentines Day.

How can you know if email you sent is read by the recipient?

Most services do not have the feature for you to check if an email sent has been read, however external services may work.

Is sending SMS connection oriented or connection less?

It's connectionless because the data is given a destination header and sent on its way. There is no way to know if the data sent through SMS arrives at the recipient short of the user of the receiving end devices responding or telling you in person. Therefore SMS is connectionless. Source: I'm a Computer Engineer.

What does the poem little old letter from Lagston Hughes mean?

It means that a woman most likely sent him a letter telling him that she moved away or someone sent him a letter telling him she died.

How would i know if my email i sent from is read by the recipient who's also with yahoo?

call the receipient and ask them.

Are floral tributes sent to Jehovahs witness funerals?

Yes, flowers can be sent to Jehovahs Wittnesses funerals.