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My son was ridiculously hyperactive in his first four years, then petit mal (absence seizures) were exceptionally noticeable-even up to four minutes if left alone, and he could automatically do just about everything- scary concept if ur child is crossing the street alone on his way to school, or playing contact sport or being bullied because of seizures:( he'll keep walking, but not be aware of anything. he was diagnosed as positive with EEG tests etc, and went onto epilim for about four years. his concentration improved , but during the initial phases his medication was too high and he became violently hyperactive, reduced the meds and back to perfect.

after three years solid with no seizures we stopped epilim and it hasn't returned since. he has however suffered typical (and very frustrating)adhd symptoms- he plays drums when the hyperactivity gets too much and his legs never stop moving.hes never been diagnosed with add/adhd BUT i am certain that this explains EVERYTHING. in my mind there is a definite link between them.

his father has tourettes with adhd so it is highly possible...

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Q: Is there a link between ADHD and epilepsy?
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Is there a link between ADHD and nutrition?

There have been some links between ADHD and nutrition. Some studies have indicated that a poor diet can worsen ADHD symptoms and a good diet can improve them.

What have studies shown about food allergies and ADHD?

carefully controlled follow-up studies have uncovered no link between food allergies and ADHD

Is there a link between ADHD and a persons diet?

If your son has ADHD that only thing that could really be adding to his hyper activity is sugar and caffeine. It is recommended to remove these from a child's diet who has ADHD.

Is there a link between OCD and Epilepsy?

Epilepsy is not a mental health condition, so on that basis it would not be related to any mental health issues. Someone with OCD could also happen to have Epilepsy, but there is no real connection.

Is there a link between bipolar and epilepsy?

Epilepsy is not a mental health condition, so on that basis it would not be related to any mental health issues. Someone with Bipolar could also happen to have Epilepsy, but there is no real connection.

What can you eat to suppress adhd?

There is no proven evidence of a link between the food you eat and ADHD, but there are some health professionals which believe that a low carb, high protein diet can help curb ADHD symptoms.

Hypothyroidism is there a link with epilepsy?

No. It is a glandular disease whereas epilepsy has to do with electrical activity in the brain.

How Well Are You Managing Your ADHD?

Many experts in the research field have discovered that limiting sugar and caffiene in the diet of children with ADHD can help curb symptoms. However, there is no scientific link between diet and ADHD as of yet.

Has any link been suggested between a baby having had blue baby syndrome and later at 3 yrs having epilepsy?

No as the blue baby is caused by a whole in the heart, and not epilepsy.

Is ADD and Epilepsy connected?

Having epilepsy and ADD myself, I have done a lot of research on this topic. The conclusion is that they can be connected depending on the patient. Numerous studies have shown that patients with epilepsy have a significant increase in behavioral disturbances of all kinds, including hyperactivity and inattention. So much so that neurologist have been using ADD/ADHD medications in the treatment of epilepsy among children for years and more recently among adults. As well, it makes sense when you look at what all ADD/ADHD medication is used for. Look at Adderall, one of the most commonly prescribed ADD/ADHD drugs. Its use is for ADD/ADHD and sleeping disorders. Studies have shown that over 70% of patients with epilepsy suffer from a sleeping disorder. I have recently started on a ADD/ADHD medication, prescribed by my neurologist, to hopefully assist in my treatment. Stats I provided were from:

Can alzheimer's be brought on by epilepsy?

There is no particular connection between alzheimer's and epilepsy.

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