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• CALACA - "Skeleton" given to the skinniest or boniest guy in the group.
• MOCO - "Booger, Snot" given to the kid with the snottiest nose or the nose-picker of the group.
• MACETÓN - "Jar/Pot" given to the group moron (similar to English "jar head").
• FLACO - "Skinny" given to the skinniest guy in the group.
• HUEVÓN/GÜEVÓN - "Lazy" given to the laziest guy in the group.
• PANCHO/PACO - "Francisco" a nickname for Francisco ("Frank" or "Francis" in English).
• GORDO - "Fatty" given to the fattest guy in the group.
• CHINO - "Chinese" given to the most Asian looking guy in the group, or the guy with curly hair (apparently Asians have curly hair in Mexico).
• PEPE/CHEPE - "Jose" a nickname for Jose ("Joe," "Joey," or "Joseph" in English).
• CHUY/CHUCHO - "Jesús" a nickname for Jesús.
• CHANGO - "Monkey" given to the neighborhood spaz or the monkey-faced guy in the group.
• CHECO - "Sergio" nickname for Sergio.
• NACHO - "Ignacio" nickname for Ignacio.
• CHARRO - "Cowboy/Horseman" given to the guy who looks best in a cowboy hat and boots.

• FEO - "Ugly" given to the ugliest or most abhorred guy in the group.
• LALO - "Eduardo" nickname for Eduardo (Edward/Ed in English).
• EL CHIQUILÍN - "The Smallest" given to the smallest or tallest guy in the group.
• MEMO - "Guillermo" nickname for Guillermo (Will, William, and Guy in English).
• LOCO - "Crazy" given to the most mentally unstable guy in the group.
• LUCHO - "Luis" nickname for Luis (Louis, Lou, or Louie in English).
• HUESUDO - "Boney" given to the skinniest or boniest guy in the group.
• RUBIO/GÜERO - "Blonde" given to the guy with light/blonde hair.
• PELOS DE ELOTE - "Corn Silk" given to the guy with light/blonde hair.
• COCHINO/PUERCO - "Pig" given to the dirtiest or fattest guy in the group.
• RATÓN/RATA - "Rat" given to the thief of the group or the guy with the biggest teeth or ears.
• CUCO - "Refugio" nickname for Refugio.
• CHISMOSO - "Gossip" given to the group blabbermouth.
• CEJAS/CEJOS - "Eyebrows" given to the guy with huge eyebrows ("unibrow").
• GRINGO - "White Guy" given to the white guy in the group.
• VIEJO - "Old (Man)" given to the old guy in the group (or the one who looks most like Homer Simpson).
• CHIMUELO - "Toothless" given to the guy with poorest dental hygiene.
• GÜEY - "Dude" commonly used as a general nickname, sometimes derogatory.
• PRIETO/MORENO/NEGRO - "Dark (Skinned)" given to the guy with the darkest skin in the group.
• BONITO - "Handsome" given to the most or least attractive guy in the group.
• GOYO - "Gregorio" nickname for Gregorio (Gregory or Greg in English).
• TONTO - "Stupid" given to the group moron.
• PELÓN - "Baldy" given to the bald(ing) or hairiest guy in the group.
• TORPE - "Klutz" given to the stupidest or clumsiest guy in the group.
• PENDEJO - "Pubic Hair (Jerk/Coward)" given to the dumbest guy in the group, considered derogatory in many circumstances.

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