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Check a reference librarian at the Chicago Public Library.

These sites can get you started.

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The Chicago Historical Society has an extensive collection. I would assume that would be your best shot. Other than that, the Chicago Tribune may have archived records.

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Q: Is there a list of victims of the Chicago fire?
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Who is the Chicago fire?

The Chicago Fire is a Major League Soccer club in Chicago.

List all professional American soccer teams?

la galaxy, dynamos,mexico speed,chicago fire!

What was the fire Chicago fire?

It was the biggest fire in the history of Chicago history. The same day was the Peshtigo Fire, which that is in Wisconsin.

Is there a list of the victims of the holocaust anywhere?

there is an incomplete list at Yad Vashem.

Is there a list of suspected Bundy victims?

In Bundy's case, yes, he had a list of possible victims. On the other side, he never back up his confession.

How did the Chicago Fire get their name?

It came from the great Chicago fire of 1871

How does pepys portray the victims of the fire?

he sympathizes for them

Who is the patron saint of fire victims?

St. John the Evangelist is the patron saint of burn victims.

When was the Chicago fire started?

The Chicago fire was started on october 8,187. 3<<

How do you try out for Chicago fire soccer team?

Chicago fire academy in

How far did the Chicago fire spread?

The Chicago Fire spread a third of the town

How did Chicago fire start?

The cause of the Great Chicago Fire remains unknown.

What year is the Chicago fire?

The Great Chicago Fire occurred in October of 1871.

Did the great Chicago fire help rebuild Chicago?

No. The Great Chicago Fire caused the need for the city to rebuild.

How did the Great Chicago Fire end?

The water turned it off. ((GREAT CHICAGO FIRE))

What put out the Great Chicago Fire?

The Tuesday morning rain put out the Chicago fire.

What year was the Chicago fire?

The Great Chicago Fire was October 8th to 10th, 1871.

When did the great Chicago fire start?

The Chicago Fire started on October 8, 1871.

What started the Chicago fire?

The origin of the Great Chicago Fire of 1871 remains unknown.

Where did the Chicago fire take place?

the fire took place in chicago i love the wanted

What stadium does Chicago fire play at?

The Chicago Fire plays at Toyota Park in Bridgeview.

What was the result of the great Chicago fire?

Chicago rebuilt after the fire into a world class city.

What is the name of the fire that almost burned down Chicago?

It is called The Great Chicago Fire.

Where did Chicago Fire take place?

the fire took place in Chicago i love the wanted

Was there even a Chicago public library to burn in the Chicago Fire?

There was no public library in Chicago when the 1871 fire happened. After the fire, the city of London donated 8,000 books. The Chicago Public Library opened in 1873.