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No! You could mail the Nintendo company and see if they could do that.


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no you can only use Nintendo games on Nintendo ds/Nintendo ds lite.

Of course the obvious such as all Mario games as they are copyrighted to Nintendo. But other games or functions in games that use the Wii Motion Plus or Wii Balance board. Games like Just Dance which use the unique features of the Wii

No, it cannot. The NDSi can only play Nintendo DS and Nintendo DSi games.

You only get it with games from nintendo. EA games etc dont :/

No, 3DS games can only be played on a 3DS.

No, only a 3DS can play 3DS games.

Nintendo DS and Nintendo DS Lite support Nintendo DS games and Game Boy Advance games. Nintendo DSi and XL only support Nintendo DS games.

No, the Nintendo Switch can only play games for the Nintendo Switch because it does not have any backwards compatibility.

No, the Nintendo 64 is only compatible with Nintendo 64 Games.

Yes it can there aren't games that only work for dsi

You can't play Nintendo DS games on the Wii. It only works with GameCube games

Only if it's a multiplatform game. If it's Nintendo only, you can't play it on other systems.

if the artwork on the box say DSI you can not play it on a Nintendo ds, but, there are only a handful of games that say this

No they only make them on Nintendo systems such as gamecube wii and Nintendo 64

The company that manufactures DSi games is Nintendo. Nintendo is the sole owner of the Nintendo DSi console, and is the only company that distributes legal DSi games.

Only Gamecube and Wii games.

No the Nintendo game is for that system only, not a PSP

The only games you can play are games made for the Nintendo DS. All other games are not able to be played on the DSi.

It depends on which Nintendo console you are referring to. Nintendo 3DS games can only be played on the Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo 3DS XL and Nintendo 2DS. All other Nintendo consoles including the Nintendo DS and Nintendo DSi cannot play Nintendo 3DS games.

No, you cannot play PC games on the Nintendo Wii. Only Nintendo Wii games can be played on the Wii console and PC games are only designed for use on a PC or laptop.

The Nintendo DSi is just an upgraded version of the Nintendo DS and DS Lite. The Nintendo DSi plays the exact same games as the Nintendo DS and DS Lite and only plays DS and DS Lite games. Currently, there aren't going to be any DSi games, only more DS games.

You can probably only buy them over the Internet. I've never seen Nintendo 64 games out in stores.

no you can't. As Pokemon is a Nintendo franchise, you can only get Pokemon games on Nintendo consoles.

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