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Gargling with warm salt water usually helps, as does warm tea with honey. Pineapple Juice is also useful because it cuts phlegm!

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Q: Is there a medicine that will help you get your voice back from your cold?
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How does medicine help your cold?

the medicine releses antibodies to help fight germs that are causing you to be sick

What is the quickest way to get your voice back after losing it from a cold?

I have found that by using your voice more or singing for about an hour will help bring it back, but this is only temporary. For long lasting results, i would like to now a cure myself.

What medicine should pregnant women take for a cold or flu?

There is no medicine for a cold or flu since there is no cure but there are medicine to help with the symptoms and if you have a headache you can take Tylenol if absolutely needed. If you need cough medicine speak to your doctor.

How much cold medicine should you take to help you sleep?


Does medicine help a common cold?

Yes. Some medicines can help to relieve the symptoms of the common cold, such as congestion, sneezing, sinus headaches, etc.

Example of Drug abuse?

Taking a medicine when you don't really need it, For example taking cold medicine to help you sleep.

What is the purpose for cold medicine?

it doesn't cure the cold, because it's viral. Cold medicine just helps with the symptoms while our bodies get over it time. Drink fluids, good food, and rest will help you you alot when getting over a cold.

How long are you contagious with a chest cold?

A person is contagious with a chest cold for about 2 weeks. A doctor can give you medicine to help you get rid of the chest cold.

How do you help your pet feel better during a cold?

Medicine and comfort seem to work.

What do you do when someone has a cold?

Lots of fruits , medicine, fluids, chicken soup, and get a humidifier. This should help with cough and mucus.

What can you give your dog if it has a cold?

Well it depends. Whatever medicine your vet thinks will help your puppy you should have you puppy take that.

What kind of medicine is Solvin plus?

It is the medicine used to cure snoring, cold, headache due to cold, is a very strong medicine, childrens are not advised to use it. Adults can have it along with a glass of boiled cow milk. Nasal blockage possible if taken but steaming can help avoid it, it hardens the nasal fluid that causes snoring.

Can semen help with cold symptoms?

Uh, definitely not. HOWEVER: Buckley's cold medicine looks a lot like semen and it does help a lot. p.s. I do not know which of the two tastes worse, but the Buckley's will definitely work better on your chest cough.

What remedies can help get rid of a cold quicker?

medicine or for a more natural remedy use lemon and honey tea or throat lollies

Can erythromycin be used on cold sores?

Yes! And with very great efficacy! It works very well to help heal and shorten the amount of time suffering from a cold sore. This is false: Erythromycin will not treat a viral infection such as the common cold or flu. This medicine is for bacterial infection only. Check any Med website. I am happy that you cold sore cleared up for you but, it definitely was not because of this medicine. Always, ask your doctor for the correct medicine -- this medicine can be very dangerous to the liver; so only use it as prescribed. Hope this helps.

help to set voice mail?

help set up voice mail

What is the name given to the cavities which help to amplify the voice and give it tone?

Those are the sinuses (technically paranasal sinuses, meaning beside the nose). That's why when you have a cold or stuffy sinuses your voice sounds funny!

How do you stop sever cold and sinus?

Severe cold and sinus issues can be mediated with the help of a few things. Anti-inflammatory medicine such as aspirin will help with calming the symptoms and speeding up recovery rate. Also, drinking plenty of water will help fuel the cells that are fighting off the sickness.

What will help your voice to stay in tune?

Practice and vocal exercises can help your voice to stay in tune.

Can you damage your vocal cords by coughing?

of course you can damage your vocal cords, if you are a singer and you have a soprano voice you can change your voice tone because of a cold or if you scream a lot you can cause a big damage... i know that if you have a cold you have to caugh some time and it is imposiblle not to do it but it is better if you try to do that carfully... i hope this could help you.

Can you tell me what some of the cold & flu medications are?

Almost any over the counter flu medicine will help reduce the symptoms. The most popular though is the Nyquil brand medicine. Which be bought in either day or night formulas.

What websites feature pictures of cold sores?

There are a lot of websites that will help people get pictures of cold sores. To name a few, one could visit Hardin MD, Animated Teeth, Medicine Net and Dermatology.

How does Zicam help you shorten your cold?

Zicam contains a few different forms of zinc which some scientist believe can help shorten the length and or severity of a cold. As with any medicine there are many risks associated with use, contact your doctor before using this or any other drug.

Does the uvula help in producing sounds and speech?

The uvula changes the way a voice sounds. When the uvula is angled back, the voice becomes nasally. Angling the uvula forward produces a clearer sound.

How do i get cure my marapet's cold?

You can cure your Marapet's cold by using a Box Of Tissues, which is available in the Medicine Shop at Puchalla Village. :]I do hope this answer will be some help to you.