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Yes, Mountain Dew generate the codes that are put on the packs apart from that no

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go buy a bad of doritos or mountain dew its not that hard

There is no MW3 beta, and thus no beta code.

You go to Barracks, then to prestige shop, and then click on double xp

You copy and paste the code from MW2 and re-name it!

Yes he is. He is under code name BasePlate

I've heard it is behind the date it comes out.

You can purchase "Double XP" from the Prestige Shop for two hours. It will cost you one prestige token.

mw3 is part of mw3, it's call of duty mw3

There are 10 Prestiges in MW3.

mw3 is just the game in hardened edition you get the mw3 background and theme, free 1 year membership of ELite and a card statin that you are a mw3 founder

You don't get a beta or a demo for MW3

there are new codes for your mw3 got it

MW3 is rated M for Mature.

Get MW3, you can have co-op campaign and all of these awesome clothes you can customize. Get MW3.

u cant get banned from mw3, but u can be banned from psn or xbl VIA mw3.

I have black ops and MW3 but I find MW3 to be better but you do get bored of it as you do with black ops but I recommend MW3 but black ops is fine.

You prestige in mw3 by going through all the ranks when you first start. There are eighty ranks total, so it may take a long time to do this. If you would like to prestige quickly I suggest using double xp.

You are place an illegal code within the clan tag. You can find these codes by googling it.

Yes MW3 has a PS3 version of the game

No MW3 doesn't have zombies.

the smallest map in mw3 is dome

Soap is another soldier in MW3

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