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well maybe or maybe no

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How is the nature of God in Judaism different from God in Christianity?

How is the nature of God in Judaism different from God in Christianity

Is Judaism a god?

Judaism is a religion.

What mystery surrounds Shakespeare's identity?


Who was the God of Christianity and Judaism?

There is only One God in Christianity, Judaism and Islam.

Who is the polytheistic of Judaism?

There is no polytheism in Judaism. Judaism only has one God.

What is Shekinah?

in judaism, shekinah is the glory of god. She is also the female aspect of God in judaism.

Is there any god in judaism?

Yes, there is. Judaism believes in the One God, creator of the universe.

What is worshipped in Judaism?

In Judaism, the Jews worship God.

Who does Judaism follow?

Judaism follows one God.

Is there a god in the religion of Judaism?

Yes, God

What did Allah do in Judaism?

Allah is the Arabic word for God. In Judaism, God made a covenant with the Jewish people.

What are the major god of judaism?

"gods" are forbidden in Judaism. Jews worship only one God, the Creator.

The holiest site in Judaism?

The Temple Mount is the holiest site in Judaism. The second holiest site is the Western Wall which is one of the walls that surrounds the mount.

What 3 other religions call god?

In Christianity, God exists in the mystery of The Holy Trinity: God The Father, God The Son and God The Holy Spirit. In Judaism, God has several titles which refer to some aspect of God's goodness or greatness. He is most often called Yaweh. In Islam God is known as Allah.

Is judaism monothestic?

I am pretty sure considering the fact that Judaism and Christianity have the same god. Judaism just call god Jehovah (English spelling on name)

What is the diety of Judaism?


Is the god of Judaism named Jesus?

No. Jews worship One God, who created the universe. Jesus is not part of Judaism.

Is Judaism a religion that believe in only one God?

Yes, Judaism is a Monotheistic religion, as in it believes in one God.

What is Judaism what do they worship and why?

What is Judaism? It is defined as the monotheistic religion of the Jews. See full information on these pages:The basic beliefs of JudaismThe practices of JudaismThe principles of JudaismThe ethics of JudaismA timeline of JudaismWhat do Jews worship?We worship the One God, creator of the universe. Jewish places of prayer are called synagogues.Why?We worship God because of our national tradition going all the way back to Abraham, and also because God commanded us in the Torah.

Why do you think Judaism was monotheistic?

Judaism is monotheistic they believe in 1 God.

Who is the god of judaism and Islam?

Same God is worshiped in Judaism, Islam, and Christianity. God is called in Islam (in Arabic) Allah. God is written as Allah in the Arabic versions of the Bible.

Who is the sacred person of judaism?

Judaism worships only God, who is without form. There are no sacred people in Judaism.

How has Abraham contributed to Judaism?

Abraham started Judaism when he created a covenant with God to be monotheistic (the belief in the one and only God).

How are Abraham and Judaism related?

Abraham started Judaism when he created a covenant with God to be monotheistic (the belief in the one and only God).

Does Judaism believe that there is a god?

Yes, the religion of Judaism believes that there is one and only one God with no partner and no associate. He is the same God worshiped in Islam and Christianity.