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Is there a natural way to treat an abscessed tooth without using antibiotics?


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2005-03-16 19:48:57
2005-03-16 19:48:57

Options include extraction and root canal treatment, however antibiotics are sometimes necessary as it is often verry dificult to extract/root treat acutely abscessed teeth. Dr Nicholas Manning BDS Glasg MFDS (RCSEng)


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ammoxicillin usually, if you don't have an allergy toward it.

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Go to a dentist you can get very sick from an abscessed tooth. Probably antibiotics are required to clear the infection

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Most likely not, as the problem with abscessed teeth is that the tooth is damaged and allowing bacteria into the pulp and root cavity. While antibiotics may clear up the infection for now, they will not prevent another infection after you are off of the antibiotics. Nor will they prevent the tooth from becoming more damaged. Unfortunately, the only cure for a bad tooth is a visit to the dentist or oral surgeon's chair.

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I don't know if your situation is that same as mine but my 4 year old has an abscessed tooth and the dentist said anitbiotics wouldn't help that the tooth needed to be extracted and a spacer put in its place.

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Abscessed means infection and if it ruptures, this means that fluid will spill in to your mouth which could cause further infection the best thing to do is to see a dentist who will give you antibiotics.

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