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There's a pill the doctor can give you called Utovlan which delays your period. You start taking it 3 days before your period is due and continue taking it through your holiday, taking is 3 times a day. You stop taking it when you get back from your holiday and then your period comes.

AnswerI don't think that is true. Some women who are taking Birth Control pills and know they will be on their period when they are on vacation or for whatever other reasons and would like to skip it don't take the sugar pills in their pack and go straight to their next pack of active birth control pills. Please know that even doing this may backfire and you may still get breakthrough bleeding which could last longer than the period would have. However, if you are not taking birth control pills, aren't on the patch or NuvaRing among others... there isn't a way to stop it. AnswerYes, the combination birth control pill. If you're already on the pill, and you're at least 3 months away (the more time you have, the better) form starting your vacation, you can switch to a continuous regimen [you only take the active pills, and skip the placebo ones]. Switching to a continuous regimen well in advance of the vacation allows the body to get used to the new regimen, and reduces the likelihood of breakthrough bleeding/spotting.

If you're scheduled to start your vacation sooner, your doctor can give you a higher dose pill regimen, to stop your period.

AnswerYes, it is called Norethisterone tablets. You take those a few days before your period is due, and it delays it until you come back from your holiday. They are not contraceptives though, so still use a contraceptive as well.
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Q: Is there a pill you can take prior to going on holiday that will stop your period?
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How can you stop your period if you're going on holiday in a week and you're not on the pill?

well, the doctor can prescribe something to stop your period from coming, it a drug with hormones in it - which can have some pretty bad side effects from personal experience.

How do i induce my period early when not on the pill?

You can not, if you are having timing problems then you can go on the pill which will help rgulate your times, but if you just need to start early because of going on holiday, or wanting to have sex soon, then you can't speed it up. (I am a doctor)

You are going on vacation next week and it is possible you may get your period during it you are going to start the pill Can you start taking the pill this Sunday to stop have a period on trip?

ummm no you wont get it.

What if you don't have a period for a full month on the pill?

Sometimes the birth control pill can make your period so light that you don't' see it at all. If you have taken the birth control pill as directed in the prior weeks, there's no cause for concern.

Can going off the pill mess up my period?

Yes - it normally does

Will the pill make you have your period if going through menopause?

Yes, you will likely have withdrawal bleeding if you're on the pill, even if you're going through menopause.

You have missed a period and have period pains but im not on your period?

This has happened to me, im on the pill and thought i'd missed a period cause i was on my 4th sugar pill on my pill free week, but i then came on on my 5th sugar pill.The contraceptive pill can mess with your period massively.Im currently waiting for my period and im on my 3rd sugar pill so dont worry yet!Are you getting period pains at all? cause i do and it lets me know im going to be on late.xXx

Does period come straight away after stopping pill even if not due?

Your period may start within 5 days after going off the pill or it may come when it is due.

Besides going to a doctor is there a way you can delay your period?

Take the combined contraceptive pill!

If I just got off the pill and got my first period but now my second period is late and I have symptoms like sore breasts and mood swings and I haven't had sex what is going on?

A few things could be going on. If you were sexualy active just after going off the pill, then you could be pregnant and the first period was not a period. If you had contact of any sort or you were taken advantage of after the period, you could be pregnant. The symptoms listed could be the result of going off the pill. Do an EPT and/or see your doctor about a blood screen.

How long does it take to get your period after going off the pill for a week?

That differs for everyone and depends on where you were in the pill cycle when you stopped for a week. If you don't get a period within four weeks, have a pregnancy test.

Is my doctor going to put me on birth control to make me start my period because im 13 and have growth hormone deficincy and can the pill make me start my period or what so help?

Yea the pill will make u get your period

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