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Van rentals in Michigan are available from a variety of major rental companies. The most popular of these are Penske, Budget, and Hertz.

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2010-07-21 22:25:00
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Q: Is there a place in Michigan where I can find a van rental?
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where can I rent a wheelchair van in my area Goshen, N.Y. 10924?

Check with websites like Ride Away. They will help you find a wheelchair van rental place in your area. specializes in wheelchair van rental. They should be able to help you find a place in New York.

Where can one find One Way Van Rental?

One Way Van Rental is usually offered by all major car rental agencies. Usually they provide the option to return the van at a different place in their online booking systems

Where can I find a handicap van that can be rented in the Chicago, ILL area?

A great place to get a handicap van rental in Chicago is through They have good prices and customer service for your rental van needs.

Where can I find a van rental for cheap ? is the best place to find Van rentals. Budget offers low prices for really nice vans. If you ever need to rent a van, any size, Budget has you covered.

Where can i find a van rental service in Tulsa, OK?

A van rental service located in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area is Capps Van and Truck rental. They offer many different types of vehicles at competitive prices.

Cheap Van Rental ?

form_title= Cheap Rental Van form_header= Find a cheap rental van. How many miles will you be traveling?*= _ [50] Will you have any passengers?*= () Yes () No How long will you need the van?*= _ [50]

How much does a van rental cost for a cross country vacation?

Renting a van can be costly but there are ways to find a cheaper rate online. Check out this website for rates and reviews of van rental companies.

How does one find a good van rental?

If you are interested in finding a good van rental, you can do so by visiting different rental companies and compare their prices. You can also read reviews on websites as to which are the most credible.

Where can I get a van rental cheap ?

Compare each rental car place in your town to get a good rental deal. You might also wanna look at the mileage and and mph. You also wanna get the van via where you are going and how long you are going to be there.

How can you find a Budget Van Rental in their city?

To locate a Budget Van rental, it is recommended to visit their website online. Enter a zipcode, dates and type of vehicle needed to receive information on the closest location and to see their available van rental options.

Where can I find a wheelchair van rental in Houston, Texas?

You can contact AMS Vans at 281-997-9400 or Premier Accessible Van Rental at 866-755-VANS.

Why is van rental so much more expensive than car rental?

Van rental is more expensive for various reasons,vans are more liable to be damaged so there is a extra insurance charge in the rental fee also.However if you look around you can find some quite cheap van rentals.

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