Is there a program to play iso files?

An ISO image is an image of files that can be burnt to a CD. There are programs that let you open ISO files. One is WinRAR. You can als access these files by using your CD or DVD Burner to burn them to a disk. Nero is a common program that is used to burn iso files to hard media. Another program is Daemon Tools, which is a free download, but may add spyware or adware to your computer, so be careful. Another is Clone Drive.

Also: ISO is formatted like an old plastic record. Anything can be recorded on it, but it has no file system. Everything such as separate tracks or files might be recorded in the ISO file, but there is no way to extract individual files. So it is necessary to create a real disk on plastic that is read by a CD or DVD player, or a disk image of the ISO file similar to a RAM Disk. At that point the individual files can be read by the computer or player. Individual files may require special applications in order to be opened. For example if a .mov file or .wmv file is contained within the ISO file, the user will need the appropriate video player in order to view the videos.

The advantage of the ISO file is that it can be sent over the Internet as a serial encoded stream. The resulting ISO file will be identical to the original ISO file. When ISO was developed, this was a very important function.