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The courts cannot force an absent parent to visit the child[ren].

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Q: Is there a reason a child does not have to visit noncustodial parent in Adair county in Oklahoma?
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In the state of Texas what things do judges consider if a 12 year old wants to live with noncustodial parent?

Well if the noncustodial parent wishes to take the kid the judge might give the parent custody if there is not a bad reason the parent did not get custody in the first place hope I helped you

Can child support be reduced if noncustodial parent is remarried and has additional children?

Not as a reason to obtain a modification, however it can be a consideration at the new automatic review, or if the obligee parent files for an increase. see link below

Can unforeseen medical expenses for a stepchild of the noncustodial parent effect the amount of child support the noncustodial parent is required to pay?

No. Your obligation to support your own child takes priority over any subsequent support you offer for another person's child. The court would not decrease your child support obligation for that reason.

After custody is finalized can the custodial parent be taken back to court by the noncustodial parent for any reason?

Yes, if they can be proven to be unfit, either by evidence from witnesses or by arrest records, police records, failed drug tests, etc...Also, an appeal can be made for the same reason.

What age in South Carolina does a child have the legal right to choose NOT to visit the noncustodial parent?

18 is the age at which the child gets to decide. Until then if the non-custodial parent has court-ordered visitation, it must be followed. If there's a valid reason the child does not want to visit the non-custodial parent, then the custodial parent can go to order and request that the court modify the visitation order. But be aware that the court will not do that without a very valid reason.

How do you get a civil case moved to a different county in Oklahoma?

File a motion with the court setting forth the reason(s) why and request a change of venue.

Can noncustodial parent stop arrears childsupport?

That depends on the state and the reason for the arrears. With over 80% of layoffs being men, and our government withholding knowledge that they can get free legal help, so there are plenty that are behind. You might be able to work out an agreement to "compromise" the arrearage with the other parent/State, and the court.

When was You're the Reason God Made Oklahoma created?

You're the Reason God Made Oklahoma was created in 1981-01.

Does noncustodial parent have to pay a medical bill if he carries coverage for the child and the custodial parent chose to take the child to a dr that was not in network?

You are parents. Discuss the matter. Possibly the best care was out of network, so do not jump to conclusions without verifying the reason the child was taken there. Perhaps you could ask for the difference of network vs out of network.

What age does a child have the right not to visit noncustodial parent in FLORIDA?

18. However if they do not wish to visit the parent and can provide a valid and compelling reason to the court, either by writing to the judge or via an attorney or guardian ad litem, visitation orders may be modified based on the same if the judge feels such a modification would be in the child's best interests.

Can a custodial parent reinstate child support after the custodial parent canceled it in Illinois?

What state created the support orders & how did the custodial parent cancel the orders & why would the same parent want to reinstate them after canceling them? Based off the way you asked this I'm a bit confused, but I'll assume you meant that the noncustodial parent canceled the orders in IL. In that case, there would've had to have been a reason for IL to cancel the orders, otherwise the state that issued the orders has power over the orders & IL would have to enforce them due to support orders reaching over state lines.

Can a parent put a restraining order on someone for no reason?

It may not be a "reason" to you, but I'm sure your parent has one, and if they can convince a judge that they have a valid one, he will issue it.

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