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Yes, there are a number of saints named Juliana.

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Q: Is there a saint called Juliana?
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Is there a Saint Juliana?

Yes, there are a number of saints named Juliana.

When was Saint Juliana born?

There are a number of saints named Juliana. Please be specific.

Why would you want Saint Juliana to be your saint?

If you know her biography, & she inspires you, you will want her for your patron at Confirmation.

How did Saint Juliana drew closer to God through faith?

There are many, many saints named Julia or Juliana so you will need to be more specific for an answer to be written.


Princess Juliana International Airport is the main airport on the Caribbean island of Saint Martin

Where are the relics of Saint Juliana of Nicomedia now?

Her relics are at Cumae, Naples, Italy.

What is Saint Julie's feast day?

There are many saints named Julia or Juliana but none named Julie.

What is jls' stylist called?

Juliana + Richard

Why is Saint Julia a saint?

There are two Sts. Juliana in the hagiography of the Roman Catholic Church. The hagiography is commonly referred to as the calendar of saints' feast days. The first St. Juliana of Nicomedia is commemorated on 16 February. Juliana was a martyr for the faith. Early in the 4th Century, during the persecution of Emperor Diocletian, Juliana suffered martyrdom. Her family forced her into marriage with a pagan, but Juliana denied her husband his conjugal rights, intending to convert him to Christianity. Juliana's husband, instead, had her locked up and demanded that she abjure her Christian faith. Her legend says that while she was imprisoned Satan tempted her, trying to get her to obey her husband. Juliana's response was to strike Satan with her chains. In the end, Juliana was denounced before a magistrate who ordered her beheaded for refusing to sacrifice to the Emperor. In art, St. Juliana is depicted with a winged demon or dragon near her or chained to her feet. Juliana is called upon to stave off contagious diseases. St. Juliana is the Protector of women in childbirth. Juliana is of Latin origin and derives from the Roman family name of Julia--the family of Julius Caesar. The second St. Juliana of the Falconieri family, lived from 1270-1341. Juliana was the Foundress of the 3rd Order of Servites. St. Juliana was born into the noble Florentine family, Falconieri. She was influenced by her uncle, St. Alexis Falconieri, one of the seven founders of the Servite order. On her father's death, Juliana took the habit ca. 1285, of the 3rd Order of the Servites from St. Philip Benizi, Superior General of the Servites, this made her the foundress of that order. Juliana was originally granted permission to remain housed with her widowed mother with several companions. Juliana and her companions moved to a building which became the motherhouse and first convent of the order. Juliana became the founding Mother Superior and remained so until her death. Pope Clement XII canonized her in 1737, granting her 19 June as her Feast Day. St. Juliana was revered immediately on her death by the local faithful as a holy and charitable virgin.

What is Saint Juliana the patron saint of?

One of the problems with the Saints is that throughout the 2000 year history of the Christian Church there have simply been so many saintly people, many of whom have had the same names (often because they were themselves named after an earlier saint e.g. St. John of God was almost certainly names after one of the first two Sts. John [the Evangelist or the Baptist]).There have been a number of Ss. Juliana, some of whom have been officially or unofficially been given a patronage:The earliest mentioned Sts. Juliana were martyrs. There are records of a number of pairs of martyrs including Sts. Paul & Juliana, Sts. Juliana & Cyrenia, and Sts. Leo & Juliana. They were all killed in the persecutions of the early centuries of the Church, and no doubt it was from these St. Juliana that later Julianas took their Baptismal/Given names.A slightly later Saint Juliana, was St. Juliana of Nicomedia (or of Cumae) who was also martyred, however she was martyred probably close to 100 years after Juliana and Paul, some time in the 4th Century. She is venerated as a patron saint of the sick (especially in the Netherlands).In the 8th Century, there was a St. Juliana of Pavilly, a nun. However she was not made a patron saint.In the 12th Century Another St. Juliana came onto the scene St. Juliana of Liège/of Mt. Cornillon (She is remembered with both of those epithets). She has not been made a patron saint of anything in particular, however she was probably the person who most encouraged the promulgation of the Feast of Corpus Christi.Later, in the 13th Century, another: St. Juliana Falconieri. She was the foundress of the Servite Third Order of Sisters/Nuns. They were an order who cared for the sick and the dying, and other corporeal works of mercy. She remained a superior of the order for many years until she herself lay dying, and a miracle was performed at her passing. She is, like her namesake from Nicomedia is also remembered as a patroness of the Sick and of those with bodily ills.In the 15th Century, there was St. Julian of Norwich,whose name could just as easily have been St. Juliana of Norwitch (England). She was a great Mystic of her time. She, however, other than probably being considered the patron saint of Norwitchitself, has not been granted a patronage.The Russian Orthodox church venerates a 17th Century lay woman St. Juliana of Lazarevo (or Juliana of Murom) who is considered a model example of a Lay person living a saintly life within marriage.There are also a few other minor Ss. Juliana which are of less moment.

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