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Q: Is there a self defense laws in Vermont?
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Do you need to be licensed to teach self defense in NJ Or will certification do?

There are no requirements to teach self defense in New Jersey, or most places. You may have to meet requirements for a business and/or health club laws.

What do a tiger do for self defense?

self defense of tiger

Can you be charged with felony firearm charges if it is self defense?

It is possible. There are laws on the use of lethal force which must be followed.

What animals spray for self defense?

Horned lizards spray blood from the corners of their eyes in self defense. Camels sometimes spit, not always in self defense, but sometimes it is in self defense. Chinchillas spray in self defense. Some snakes spit in self defense, and so do cats. Skunks spray a liquid from their anal sacs in self defense.

What specific law or laws could a legal US resident be charged with for deliberately killing an illegal immigrant when it is not in self defense?

Are you an idiot? The exact same laws as if you deliberately killed a US citizen and it wasn't in self defence.

Why charge with aggravated assult with weapon if it was self defense?

If they were convicted, than that means that the claim of self defense was not believed. However, the judge may take the convicted's belief that it was self defense into account at the sentencing. Consult with a local attorney. The laws on such sentences - and what counts as mitigating factors - vary from state to state.

How do you plead self defense in California?

See section 197 California penal code for self defense, which includes use of deadly force in self defense.

What is the duration of The Art of Self Defense?

The duration of The Art of Self Defense is 480.0 seconds.

When was Japan Self-Defense Forces created?

Japan Self-Defense Forces was created in 1954.

When was The Art of Self Defense created?

The Art of Self Defense was created on 1941-12-26.

When was The Art of Self Defense - album - created?

The Art of Self Defense - album - was created in 2002.

When was Patriotic Self-Defense created?

Patriotic Self-Defense was created in 2006.