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Reseting KeyYes, I've always had to have the dealer's service department reset the key. I believe the dealer has to do it for security reasons.


Insert the key into the ignition, turn to position one, within 5 seconds remove key, hold down lock button on key, simultaneously press unlock button 3 times. Doors will lock and unlock and you're done.

How much does a dealer charge you for a 30 second fix?

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โˆ™ 2010-01-16 04:57:06
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Q: Is there a sequence for reseting a BMW key after charging it in the ignition?
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How to Remove a 1998 BMW z3 ignition switch?

Begin by removing the retaining ring at the top of your 1998 BMW ignition switch. The ignition switch will slide out. Remove the wiring harness.

How to locate ignition coil in 2003 BMW 3 series?

how to remove the plastic ignition coil cover on a series 3 bmw e46 reg 03

Instructions for charging BMW m6 for kids?

i dont know you plug it in

What is the part number for ignition switch on BMW 330Ci club sport 2002?

Genuine BMW # 61326901961

Cost to replace cam sensor BMW e36?

Having mine done as we speak. BMW dealership is charging me around $300.

How do you reset the inspection light manually on 2001 BMW E46?

The easiest way is to get hold of a little reseting tool that can be found on ebay. it resets the servicing lights

Why won't your 1995 BMW key won't turn off the car?

it is an ignition problem...could be the ignition switch or the ignition coil if i rember right

Setting ignition timing BMW 6-cylinder 2.7 lt?

how to put the timing on 99 BMW 328i

How do you replace a lost ignition key for BMW 525i?

According to my owner's manual you must contact a BMW dealer to replace the key.

Why can't i remove ignition key on1996 BMW E39 520i auto?

the ignition barral will relese the key when the car is in park

How do you charge the BMW 745LI key FOB?

By driving with the key fob in the ignition.

Why is your ignition key free turning 1995 BMW 530i?

It is likely broken.

Can battery drain completely if key left in ignition with car in neutral on 2003 BMW 3 series?

If the ignition is left in the on position, yes.

Why is the battery light flashing on BMW 325?

There is a problem with your charging system. May be a defective alternator or something else.

Will a 1999 323i BMW ignition switch fit a 2002 325ci BMW?

As long as the part number is 61 32 6 901 961 then the answer is yes.

Can you drive your BMW 335 if the battery light is on and it says charging malfunction?

Driving a Vehicle with a Charging System Warning Light IlluminatedIF there is enough current left in the battery to start the vehicle, AND properly supply the ignition system, then yes, it is possible to drive the vehicle. But, doing so could cause further damage to the charging system, and when the battery power level goes low enough, the ignition system could shut down and you will be stranded.Therefore, I strongly recommend NOT driving the vehicle until you have had the charging system checked out and properly repaired. This is especially true if it is dark and you will need to use the headlights, tail lights, and marker lights, all of which draw a lot of current and will acclerate "draining" of the battery!

735i BMW that turns over but will not start?

Check the BMW for ignition fire. Check the coil pack. Check the distributor or crank sensor depending on the year of the car.

How do you bypass the battery light in dash to complete charging system on a 1984 BMW 318i?

Why in the world would you want to do that? The light is there to warn you there is a problem with the charging system. If it is on, there is a reason. But if you insist, just pull the bulb out.

BMW 740i battery light on?

Usually indicates a charging system problem. Could be as simple as a broken alternator belt.

Is the ignition key and glove box key the same on a 1988 BMW 325i?

It’s key box

Is there a fuse that powers the rear window on 1995 BMW 525i?

Fuses protect a circuit. The battery and charging system provide power.

Is this normal that the ignition key spinn before starting the BMW 235 i 1995?

It is not normal because that is a common ignition failure. This is can be caused by a broken lock pin in cylinder assembly.

What cause a 2001 BMW 740iL to not start or have any power?

Your battery is dead or you need to check the ignition switch.

You want to take out the key from the ignition key BMWi 2001?

How can I take out the key from the ignition key in a BMW 325i 2001. I can turn on the engine but the key doesn't come out when I turn off.

What does BMW immobilizer do?

Basically, it makes the car impossible to start if the EWS (the computer) does not detect the proper key in the ignition switch.