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No sn required before 1968


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It means your Montgomery Ward branded gun was made by Savage/Stevens and is identical to the Stevens model 94B.

Impossible to answer with just a serial number.

Serial number tables, if published

No way to answer without the serial number.

Your shotgun was made during the 1950,s.

Post the maker's name and serial number.

A Browning Auto 5 Lightweight shotgun was made in 1957 with that serial number on it.

No way to answer- the serial number does not tell us what the gun IS. Please repost with a description of the gun, caliber/ gauge, and condition, and we can give it a shot.

Serial numbers are not unique between makers. Impossible to answer.

Serial number, features, original bill of sale.

Impossible to answer without a serial number and detailed description.

You can find information on the American Gun Co. Victory Ejector 12 gauge single shot serial number 294000 online at places like Shot Gun World. You can also find information and pricing on Gun Broker.

What is the value of a Spencer Gun Company 12 guage choke shot gun serial number A203136?

Serial numbers are not unique between makers. Impossible to answer.

Post the serial number of the gun and I'll let you know.

If serial number data has been published, you can look it up.

Possibly if it is a Browning made by Miroku.

Virtually impossible to identify a firearm just by the serial number.

I have a J Stevens Springfield Model 15, .22 single shot, and there is no serial number. I bought it a t a gun store, and the dealer marked my receipt to indicate it had no serial number. There is also no indication that a serial number was removed.

Which model? An auto-5 with that number was made in 1926.

i have a 12 gauge Black Bridge single shoot shot gun the serial number is A649620 CAN YOU TELL ME HOW MUCH I CAN GET FOR THIS

Yes it is illegal to own a gun that does not have a serial number. It is also illegal to remove the serial number off a gun.

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