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== H, as in heroin== As far as I know, H is heroin, so he is going out to score.

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What is the meaning of a boyfriend or girlfriend?

The meaning of a boyfriend and girlfriend is when a boy and a girl are going out with each other and have sexual relationship.

How do you unblock a friend from moshi monsters?

you unlock a friend by going to a little tree in you room and type a different guys owner name. But he has to friend reqest back to you to be his friend.

What is the meaning of get going.?

To "get going" means to "make a start" (for example, on a journey). Eg. If I am planning a trip to the cinema, I may say to my friend, "Let's get going!"

Is vanessa going to be your friend?

is vanessa going to be my friend is vanessa going to be my friend

How do you say I like you in Jamaican?

ANSWER.... Wa'goan Man. Meaning..How is it going my friend. mi chek fi yu

Meaning of bon ami?

boyfriendActually "bon ami" means "good friend," speaking of a male. It doesn't necessarily have any romantic meaning, although like in English you could use it to avoid going public with the exact nature of the relationship. ;-) A boyfriend is usually called a "petit ami" or "petit copain," which literally translate as "little friend."

My best friend andme are going to hawaii or my best friend and you?

I'm not going to Hawaii, but if you and your friend are then you would say: "My best friend and I are going to Hawaii"

30year old going out with your gf for 3 years who is 4 years my junior lost my virginity to her she had one previous sexual experience just the once however i feel i need another sexual experience?

Bang her best friend.

How come your husband is spending so much time on the phone with his woman friend and putting all his emotions into her and sending her sexual text messages but says nothing is going on?

* *

How should a bisexual boy tell his straight friend he likes him?

Depending on ages and type of relationship they have, maybe you shouldn't. You may lose a friend. You have to understand that if he is in fact straight, he is going to feel threatened if you tell him you like him in a sexual way.

Which is proper English My best friend and you are going to Hawaii this summer or your best friend and you are going to Hawaii this summer?

I believe its.. "You and my best friend are going to Hawai'i this summer."

Im gay and how do i get my friend to like me my friend is straight?

If he is your friend, he already likes you. If he just found out about you or you are planning on coming out to him, act the same way you have been acting. If you mean like you in a sexual way, that is probably not going to happen. He's straight. He may be willing to play around a bit, but he's not going to turn gay for you and you may very well loose a friend. Sex changes any relationship.

Was Anne Frank bi-sexual?

No she wasnt bi-sexual! He knew she was going to die. If you were going to die, wouldn't you be interesting in kissing a girl like she did one time at a sleepoverin her book?

What does your dream mean when your friend and you end up going out?

The meaning of this dream is simply word play on the expression "going out." In popular usage, "going out" or "going together" implies dating or a romantic relationship. But your dream means that you go out to places together with your friend. Yes, dreams do make bad jokes. But you only have your own (subconscious) mind to blame.

What is meaning of going to?

going to

Have there been Yoville virus issues?

Yoville has a number of viruses you can get. My friend got a virus for only going on it three days. Yoville is a bad sexual game that makes you love it.

What do you do if your girlfriend dumps you for your best friend?

hopefully your friend is a good one and doens't go with your ex. You should talk to him about it though. Tell him your going through a hard time with the break up and if he is going to go out with your ex, to at least give a little bit of time.

What do you do if your friend is going out with the boy you like?

tell your friend if she is a real friend she will be okay with it.

What is the correct sentence of my best friend and me are going to Hawaii or my best friend and I?

The correct sentence is: Me and my best friend are going on a exctotic trip to hawaii

Can you strip your best friend?

If someone is your best friend, it is usually implied that there is not a sexual or physical attraction. It would seem inappropriate to strip your best friend because sexuality in a relationship changes it from friendship to something else that often leads to jealousy, hurt feelings and the end of the friendship. I would not recommend going there and risking a relationship with a best friend.

What boo thang mean?

Its like a girlfriend, but there is no sexual relationship and or something. Kinda your best girl friend if you say then they think its a nickname and they are going to want you to call them that everysingle day when you see her

What if you dream of your closest friend trying to go out with you in a dream?

This dream only suggests that you and your friend want to spend time together, not necessarily with any sexual significance. Dreams often use "going out" or "dating" or even sexual images to refer to all types of close relationships and "getting in touch." On the more symbolic level, your friend in the dream represents some part of your own life that you have been neglecting. This could be anything associated with this friend: sports, music, finances or whatever.

What does going out with your friend in a dream mean?

that im going to get with him

How a girl get excited?

Going through Sexual Intercourse.. why ask we all know that's one sexual way!

What causes sexual feelings?

This usually occurs when you think about sex, watch sexual videos, or look at sexual pictures. Basically if you see/hear anything sexual and you think about it a lot that's what would get you going.