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Q: Is there a shoe store in Alabama that will hire a 14-year-old?
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Can a 17 year old work at a shoe store?

If they can get the store manage to hire them, I don't know why not.

Is Designer Shoe Warehouse opening a store in Mobile Alabama?

Yes, at Airport and Macgregor.

Are there any shoe stores that hire 14 year-olds?

Yes, I am 14 and work at a shoe store in Norman, Oklahoma!!! (You get paid really well when your young!!)

What jobs Nike hire?

shoe seller

How old do you have to be to work in a shoe store?

About 16, but that depends on which shoe store your talking about.

What is the most expensive shoe store in the world?

Pay Less shoe store

What shoe store sells tap or dance shoes?

Payless Shoe Store

Where can you buy an athletic shoe?

At a shoe store.

What is a good shoe store?

Shoe carnival

Where can you find shoe?

At a shoe store, or walmart

Where is a good shoe store?

the florsheim store.

Can a shoe store be a boutique?

A shoe store can be called a boutique but it should have some specialty or level of quality to set it apart from any shoe store. Otherwise, it's just a word.