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Q: Is there a show like case closed?
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Where to find videos of case closed?

If you mean case closed, is it TV from japan because you can find case closed videos from search case closed episode or case closed movie, case closed is my favorite show in the world because you can solve mystery and it's also a comedy show,not i mean comedy its just funny show also serious and romance.

What does it mean when the case status reads closed on a disposed by default civil case?

The case was closed. someone didn't show up to support their claim or didn't answer the claim against them.

What if the plaintiff and defendant didnt show up in initial hearing?

This case will be closed.

Where to watch case closed online?

You can google case closed and you'll find case closed program and you cant really watch case closed online but only on find case closed episode or case closed movie.

Who closed the Jack the Ripper case?

That case was not closed.

Can you just not show up for a divorce you filed for?

Sure you can. Your case will be rescheduled and then dismissed and closed for no appearance

How do you reopen a closed case?

Depends on what type of case and how long it has been closed.

What channel does case closed comes on?

Case Closed was on the CartoonNetwork Channel, but they took it off last I heard. I do know that they have 19 Seasons of Case Closed along with 13 Case Closed Movies. (check for Case Closed on wikianswers an you'll find it).

If your case is not closed yet will it show up on your background check?

Yes. That's not to say its in your criminal record, but yes it will show up.

Why did they stop making English case closed episodes?

The show wasn't getting enough ratings, and so they replaced it with a different show

Show me open and closed syllables?

"Show" is open, "and" is closed. O- is open, -pen is closed. "Closed" is closed.

When was Case Closed created?

Case Closed was created on 2006-10-02.

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