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maybe if he nudges you on the arm or taps you gentlly but if he slaps, pushes or kicks so much it hurt than he might think thats cool but its not.

if u know someone like this its time to ditch him :(

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โˆ™ 2012-03-18 07:53:16
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Q: Is there a sign if a boy hurts you is that flirting?
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How can you tell if a boy is flirting but has a girl friend?

If he shows sign of amusement in his flirtation.

How can you tell a boy is flirting with you?

how can you tell if a boy is flirting with a girl and also likes her to an extent?

What are the signs of a boy flirting with you?

*A sign that a boy is flirting with you is that he looks at you alot and when you look at him he turns away *He May touch you if he is kind of shy or taken he may just pat on the back sometimes they will be shy but will try and be near you so I hope this helped! Also I am a boy so that should reasure you.

Why is this boy flirting with you then ignoring you and then flirting again?

he's trying to get your attention

What if a boy and I have physical flirting and what is physical flirting?

Flirting is indicating you care for him. Physical flirting would be showing you care by bodily contact.

Does flirting with another boy make the boy you like fancy you?

If you are not steady dating the boy you like then yes, perhaps flirting with another boy will make the other one jealous.

Why is your cat pushing her but out like it hurts?

she's flirting with you.... take it to a psychiatrist immediately!

If a boy asks you how old you are is he flirting?


Is laughing with a boy flirting?

absolutely not.

How do you know if a guy is flirting with you what are the signs that he is?

if he is sweet-talking with you, it is a sign of flirting is touching you leg or knee or purposly bumping in to you when you are seated another sign

When a boy hits you is that flirting?

No, that is abuse. He may think that he is flirting but if continued and allowed it can become abuse.

Is a boy always have flirting nature?

no not really .

If a boy hits you is he flirting with you?

I believe that if the boy hits you repeatedly and smiles about it then he his flirting with you. It also depends on the hardness of the hit. It also depends where the guy hits you.

When a boy stares at you is that flirting?

No, that's "staring". Staring and flirting are two very different things, if you think about it.

How do you flirt with a boy without him knowing about it?

Like flirting with him even though he doesn't realize you're flirting with him? Unless he doesn't know how girls flirt, a boy will know when a girl is flirting with him. It's not that hard, sorry girls.

What is flirting with a guy?

Flirting with a guy is showing him that you like him, like talking to him, staring at him, smiling at him, and winking at him. Raising your eyebrows up and down is a flirting sign too.

What does it mean when a girl wink at a boy?

Its means there flirting with you.

If a boy says how are doing does that mean he's flirting with you?


You like this boy but you are mean to him?

really what you are doing is flirting with him

How do you get a boy to kiss you in two weeks?

do a lot of flirting!

What does it mean when a boy likes to tickle you?

He likes you and is flirting

What does it mean when a boy your not going out with bites you on the arm?

It could mean anything really... does this boy have a history of weird behavior? If so I would guess it doesn't mean anything. If he doesn't then I guess this could be his weird way of flirting with you... Or if he's a good friend, this might just be a sign he's comfortable with you and not necessarily a flirting tactic.

If a boy says 'you know i keep dreaming of you' does that mean flirting or like the other person?


Do boys like flirting?

I wouldn't really call it flirting, but some do try to act cool around you if they like you. So I guess like... boy flirting? haha. I wouldn't really call it flirting, but some do try to act cool around you if they like you. So I guess like... boy flirting? haha. I wouldn't really call it flirting, but some do try to act cool around you if they like you. So I guess like... boy flirting? haha. Duh everyone flirts with a person that they love or might like. answered by ~Lady P~

Is blatant in your face flirting or subtle flirting the more genuine sign of attraction?

subtle flirting... even if they are a loud and out-going they will still be subtle. in your face flirting shows that they arent nervous around you and if theyre really in to you they will be nervous.