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How do you recommend a beginner learn Javascript?

learn javascript from site "W3SCHOOLS.COM"

Best site for beginner to learn the flute?


Where can a beginner learn Photoshop CS5?

On Adobe official site for free or on lynda site which offers video tutorials with payable subscription.

What moves can Scyther learn?

go to and there is a pokedex on that site that will list all of the attacks it can learn and much more

What moves can Dialga learn in Pokemon diamond?

you can look on this Pokemon site: scroll down, and you see: there are dialga's moves. good luck

What moves can abseil learn?

if you go to you can find out every attack every Pokemon can learn. it is truly the best Pokemon site in the world

What levels do tyrogue learn moves?

It depends which generation you play. Visit the site below and scroll down and find all Tyrogues moves. There it says at what levels Tyrogue learns different moves. You can change generation there as well.

What are the can mudkip learn on Pokemon dungeon 2 explorers of darkness?

To find out what moves Mudkip can learn, just check out a site that has D/P/P data on it. Bulbapedia is a great choice.

How does one learn photography for beginners?

One can learn beginner photography by learning about photography basics. These basic can by found by going to the website 'lifehacker' and searching for "Basics of Photography". Once someone reads through the site, they learned some photography for beginners.

What level does aerodactal learn its moves?

go the this site tell a lot about pokémon game

What moves does charmander learn in pokemon firered?

I don't know but you can go to the web site www. Pokemon and go to the national pokedex

What level does seviper learn its moves?

go to this site will give u anything u need to know about any Pokemon game

Is there a web site where I purchase french lessons for kids?

Yes, there are the rosetta stone, book and cd where you can learn French for beginner all the way to advance. There are also books from the library where it is free to check out from.

Is there a site where you can learn how to earth bend?

No. Earthbending is not real. However, the moves are based on a real martial art called Hung Ga kung fu.

Is there a site where you can learn how to fire bend?

No. Firebending is not real. However, the moves are based on a real martial art called Northern Shaolin kung fu.

What moves can muk learn on Pokemon LeafGreen?

Muk, I'm not so sure about, but go to this site for help

How can you learn all the official techniques of Sumo?

The techniques are called Kimarite. You can find a full listing with descriptions of the moves at the Grand Sumo site linked below.

What Pokemon will learn crush on Pokemon platinum version?

Crush is a field move, exclusive to Pokemon Ranger. You may be looking for Crush Claw(sorry if your not!). A good site to see which moves Pokemon can learn is

What good moves can a Magmortar learn while it levels up?

I don't know but check out here: It's a Pokemon site where you can get information I think... See my little bro enter that site when he plays Pokemon platinum...

What site can you learn Chinese?

italki is a site you can go to.

Stock market beginner?

If you have started, and want someone to lead you to the winning circle, let me know. I just got a resouce from someone who answered my question, on yahoo. It is a great daytrade site that teaches you how to be a winner, and you learn and win at the same time.

Is there any site that offers programming jobs for beginner programmers?

Please see the Related Link.

What is a good online store to buy skate shoes for a young beginner? has a wealth of information for the beginner as well as the more advanced skate boarder. Another site is, who has a 'beginners guide'.

Where can one learn forex online?

The website Forex Trading Charts offers online courses for new traders where one can learn how to trade currencies. Another site that offers a similar online course is AVAFX.

Where can one purchase a beginner book on how to play a guitar?

You can purchase a beginner book on how to play a guitar online from the Amazon website. Once on the site, do a search for "Guitar Lesson" to bring up the available book listings.