Is there a soul eater game for Xbox?

Updated: 10/23/2022
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yes there is it is called soul eater the kishins destruction

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Q: Is there a soul eater game for Xbox?
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Does the Nintendo Wii game soul eater come in English?

No when you get the game Soul Eater for Wii,ds,Psp,and ps2,and computer it does not speak English and i do not know why they made the game Soul Eater not in English

Is there a Soul Eater video game?

Yes, it's called Soul Eater: Battle Resonance.

What do you do in soul eater the game mission 18?

The player must reach level 3 soul resonance to complete mission 18 in the Soul Eater the game. This is a medium difficulty level.

Do they have a game from soul eater?

No, I dont think they will either

Can you get the soul eater game at Gamestop?

its really fun and its cheap

Where can you purchase soul eater game?

you can find it at gamestop and its cheap

Do you sell soul eater games any more?

All the Soul Eater games were made in 2008. Since most animes don't have many games, no.Soul Eater games (3 games, 4 systems):Wii: Soul Eater: Monotone Princess (*Please note that this game is only available in Japan and can only be played on Japanese wii consoles.)PSP/PS2: Soul Eater: Battle ResonanceDS: Soul Eater: Plot of Medusa

What is the name of the 2nd series of soul eater?

Soul Eater Not!

Is soul eater a keyblade?

yes soul eater is a keyblade

What is Soul Eater rated?

Soul Eater is rated 15.

Will soul eater have a new series out soon?

There's a new Soul Eater manga series called Soul Eater Not!.

Will they be making a new series related to soul eater called soul eater not?

Soul eater is already a anime if thats what you meant.