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yes they are found for sale on e-bay they will convert front or rear to a standard strut. Strutmasters

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โˆ™ 2007-01-30 14:54:45
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Q: Is there a standard spring or strut replacement for the air suspension on a 96 Lincoln Continental?
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Where is the air suspension control module on a 96 Lincoln continental?

The sir suspension switch should be located in the front passenger wheel well. It should be there on a Lincoln Continental and most other vehicles with air suspension.

Air suspension in a 1995 continental?

Yes the 1995 Lincoln Continental comes from the factory with air suspension, in which can be converted to non-air.

How much to fix an air ride suspension on 2001 Lincoln continental?


Can you turn off the air suspension in a Lincoln Continental?

yes the on and off switch is located in the trunk

Why does your 96 Lincoln Continental front end suspension drops after a few miles then re-enflates after restart engine?

You have a leak in your air suspension.

Where to put air in the 1998 Lincoln Continental air shocks?

OEM air suspension? on board compressor

Why does the rearend look lowered its a 1997 Lincoln Continental?

The air bag rear suspension on your vehicle has failed. This is an expensive repair.

Where is the air suspension compressor on a 2000 Lincoln continental?

the compressor should be under the hood on the front passenger side, it should be.

How do you change right front strut on 95 Lincoln continental?

Do you have the factory air ride or have you converted the car to a coil over suspension?

Where is the air suspension pump for 98 Lincoln Continental?

The general location is on the passenger side between the front tire and front bumper.

Why would your 1997 Lincoln Continental be sitting low in the rear?

Check the air bag suspension. Also, the pump may be bad.

Where is the air suspension compressor relay located on a 95 Lincoln Continental?

The suspension compressor relay on the 1995 Lincoln Continental is located under the hood in almost the exact center of the vehicle just under a smaller relay. It is at the front of the car, just look for the fan shroud and the relay will placed in between the two fans closer to the top.

What is the rubber squeaking noise from front suspension on a 2000 Lincoln Continental?

It's either the control arm bushings or the rubber mounts for the shocks.

Disable air suspension on 1991 Lincoln continental?

if you need to disable it then go to the trunk and turn off the air system on the left side.

What cars have the same suspension as a 1995 Lincoln continental?

If you are looking to replace your air suspension with a traditional coil spring setup, check out Mercury Grand Marquis and Ford Crown Victorias of the same vintage...both were based on the same chassis as the Lincoln Town Car.

Where is the sensor for the air suspension in a 1994 Lincoln Continental?

the air suspension sensors for each air shocks are located on the top of each air strut, two in the trunk and the other two under the hood.

Where is the thermostat in a 1998 Lincoln continental?

location of thermostat in 1998 Lincoln continental

Is a 1994 Lincoln Continental compatible with a 1993 Lincoln Continental?

only if the engine is the same.

How do you change the thermostat in a 1998 Lincoln continental?

how do you change the thermostat on a 1998lincoln continental?

What kind of engine have the Lincoln Continental 1995?

The Lincoln Continental 1995 has a 4.6 engine

What does a 1976 Lincoln Continental look like?

Do a Google search " 1976 Lincoln Continental "

How do you replace a Starter Lincoln Continental 1995?

how to replace a starter on a 1995 Lincoln Continental

How does 1995 Lincoln Town Car air suspension work?

the air suspension stopped working on my 1994 lincoln

Power relay 2000 Lincoln navigator air suspension?

how you find a air suspension relay in a Lincoln navigator

Where is the air suspension relay on a 96 Lincoln Continental?

on my wife's 1995 continental it is mounted in front of the engine on a clip that mounts on top of the radiator. any idear where the control module is ? its not in the trunk by the on off switch were i was told it should be??