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No. In fact, the benefit will usually grow at interest until the insurance company can locate a beneficiary. One thing that some people don't consider is the fact that often an insured dies and no one knows he had insurance. Since no claim is made, the insurance either assumes he is still alive (in the case if a paid-up policy) or any unpaid premium notices will alert the executor that there is a policy in force. If the policy had been paid up and no one makes a claim, the insurance company will start looking for a beneficiary at the time when the policy was to mature. (Usually at the time when the insured would have been 95-100 years of age) My company used to sell insurance all over the world, including in Russia before the 1917 revolution. We left there shortly after World War I when the ruble was made non-convertible and we couldn't continue to operate. Back in the late 1980's, someone brought me a copy of a policy on a relative who had died in the '50's. The policy had been "paid-up", meaning no more premiums were due. My company had been holding the money waiting for someone to file a claim. After providing evidence of death and convincing us that they were direct descendents of the insured, we paid them the original face amount (not a huge sum) plus interest on that amount calculated from the date of death (which was a pretty large sum). So there's no time limit. It might get harder and harder to prove you're the right person to receive the proceeds, however.

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Q: Is there a time limit for claiming life insurance death benefits?
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Is there an age limit on insurance death benefits?

No. Most policies will pay out at age 100. For more info. see

Is there a statute of limitations for filing for life insurance beneficiary benefits?

There is no time frame limit when a beneficiary needs to file for life insurance benefits. All you need to do is notify the life insurance company and provide copy of death certificate, and if the policy was in force at the time of death, a benefit will be paid to the beneficiary.

What does Coordination of Benefits mean?

We have coordination of benefits with Sunlife Assurance. What happens if I exceed my yearly limit of physiotherapy - does my spouse's insurance will pay for the amount above the limit and what is his limit then and if it will effect his yearly allowance or not. Also if he exceeds his limit, what happens then?

Does an insurance policy pay accidental death benefits is death is caused by murder?

It depends. AD&D policies are very restrictive in their payouts. If the deceased had alcohol above the legal limit of any type of narcotics in their system at the time of death, then the claim will likely be denied. If not, then the claim should pay. I work for the Center for Life insurance Disputes if you would like to discuss in more detail or get our representation.

Is there an age limit for acquiring disability insurance?

Zander Insurance says the limit is 55. Kyle in Texas

If you receive monthly payments for a life insurance benefit for the death of a spouse are there any rules that would set a time frame of yrs before they could remarry and not lose remainder of benefi?

I don't think there is a time limit to it. Of course, when you are the beneficiary for the death benefit and it has been set up for a specified amount for should be able to receive the death benefits regardless. The insurer has the obligation to pay out the remaining benefits until the cash value has been depleted.

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There is no specific time limit for filing a claim for survivors benefits; however, it's important to start the process as soon as possible, because back benefits are only available from the date you file, not from the date of death. For more information about Social Security Survivor Benefits, see Related Links, below.

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What can you do if your insurance company is invoking lifetime limit?

You can receive any final benefits available and you can purchase a new policy since the lifetime limits have been exhausted on that policy.

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