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In most states NO. Time limit?? key word 'REASONABLE" If you think the lender took to long or is trying to be shady, call a local attorney for the rules in your state.

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Q: Is there a time limit in which to sell a vehicle after voluntary surrender and do they have to notify you of all attempts to sell?
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How do you write a voluntary repossession letter?

Simply state in the letter that you wish to surrender the vehicle, list the loan number, the VIN, or any other way to identify the vehicle and the account with the lender. Notify them where the vehicle can be picked up, and where the keys will be located. And, have it there when the agents come to recover it.

What if bank did not notify you of the sale date on the repossessed vehicle?

They do not have to notify you. You have no legal rights regarding car.

What to notify DMV after 5 days?

When selling your vehicle.

How long do you have to notify dmv of a totaled car?

If you want to stop paying taxes on that vehicle I would notify them very quickly. It is to your benefit.

How long after you sell your vehicle should you notify the dmv?

10 days

You must notify DMV within 5 days if you?

Sell or transfer your vehicle.

Is there a sample letter to notify debtors of bankruptcy?

There are letters that attorneys use to notify creditors of a debtors bankruptcy. This letter states that the individuals have filed bankruptcy and the creditors are to cease all contact and attempts to collect their debt.

How many day do you have to notify your insurance company after buying a used vehicle?

2 days

Is it the responsibility of an insurance company to notify the lien holder on a vehicle if any change in coverage?

Yes, they are required by law to notify your lien holder of any change in coverage.

Does comprehensive and collision transfer to a new purchased vehicle in Texas?

Yes, If your currently insured vehicle is traded in or upgraded then the newly purchased vehicle is automatically covered for the first 30 days with the exact same coverage as the vehicle you traded in. Within these thirty days you are required to notify your insurer of the vehicle change. Failure to notify the company within the required time period can void or nullify coverage on the newly acquired vehicle. Not that if the Newly purchased vehicle is an additional vehicle purchase, meaning it is not substituting or replacing an already insured vehicle, it may not be covered at all until added to your policy. This will vary by your state insurance laws. you have to notify your insurance company and they will transfer it to you until you can take it in to them to see and fill out forms.

How can you find out if someone is insured?

If its your own vehicle you can enter the reg number at this will tell you if the vehicle is on the Motor Insurance Database. It will not notify you if the driver in question is insured to drive the vehicle. For use with your own vehicle only.

Does geico car insurance carry over on a new add vehicle?

In the United States, If the vehicle is a replacement (trade-in) for the vehicle currently on your policy then it will generally be covered under the replacement rule so long as you follow the terms of your policy and notify the insurer within required number of days. If it is an additional acquired vehicle then generally it is not covered until you notify your insurer to add it to your policy.

When a car is repoed and i get a letter where it is at do they have to notify me if they take it somewhere else?

They really do not have to notify you at all. The only notification at the end is the remaining balance that you owe once the vehicle has been auctioned off.

How many days does a towing company have to notify owner of recovery of stolen vehicle?

generally they have ten days

How long do you have to notify insurance about a vehicle change?

Most policies will require you notify them within 30 days, this generally doesn't mean free coverage as they will date the change of your policy to the purchase date.

How long do you have to notify your insurance that you purchased a vehicle?

Most people would call their agent as soon as possible. Some people would call from the car lot when they buy it. You aren't insured until you notify them.

Do Alabama repo companies have to notify you before repossessing your vehicle?

The state of Alabama is a self help repossession state, therefore a repossession agency is not required to notify you before they repossess your vehicle. Repossessors are under various state and federal laws and regulations and are prevented from breaching the peace among other things.

What is the future tense of notify?

It is notify. "I will notify you next week".

Going around disabled vehicle you HIT IT?

If you hit another vehicle then you are liable for the damages and your auto insurance will respond. Just call your insurer and notify them of a loss. It does not matter if the vehicle was disabled or not. It's just a matter of who hit who?

What is the longest amount of time one has in which to notify insurers of damage?

Whenever damages occur on a home or a vehicle, it is best to notify your insurance company as soon as possible so that they may begin processing your claim. However, life often gets in the way and individuals struggle to notify their insurance companies when there is a need. It is necessary to notify the insurance company before your next billing cycle occurs.

What is intent to sale on a vehicle?

Depending on the context, someone is saying that they intend to sell. If a vehicle has been repossessed, for example, the lender can notify of an intent to sell, to recoup losses on the unpaid part of the loan.

Can tell the person who is repoing your car to leave your property and do they have to notify the resident that they are taking the car?

The person repoing your vehicle should let your sheriff office know about the repo within 24hrs. When they come out to repo your car they should have the contract and a copy of the title. It's the law. You CAN tell them to leave and they should leave. They do NOT have to notify you that they are repoing your vehicle.

How do you stop paying support after mother and you marry?

Notify the court that you have married.Notify the court that you have married.Notify the court that you have married.Notify the court that you have married.

Does New York State have the right to cure?

New York state does not have a right to cure or opportunity to repair law. In New York, a creditor may repossess your vehicle with no prior notice, once you are behind in payments. They must notify you by first class mail within 24-hours of the repossession, and notify the nearest motor vehicle office.

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You need to call the police and give them all the information you can, perhaps notify an adult family member of the abuser if appropriate, and then accept that there is nothing else you can do. The abuser needs professional help- he is not your responsibility. His attempts may not be real and he may be just trying to manipulate you.