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Is there a virtual graphics card like virtual CDROM?

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Yes There is Still so Far that EMULATES which makes most games playable without graphic card

* TnL

* Shaders 2.0

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Is there any virtual graphics card like?

virtual? no. it needs to physically exist to do something

Do you really need a graphics card for gaming?

Your computer should already have a graphics card. You can upgrade the graphics card you have if you would like a better quality picture.

What do you do with one of those graphics card that looks like two graphics cards sandwiched together?

You should not remove any component from your graphics card setup.

What is the difference between a GPU and a graphics card?

The GPU (graphics processing unit) is the graphics card equivalent of the CPU (central processing unit) and usually refers to the computer chip that is on the graphics card, which has some extra stuff on it (like a plug to plug it into your computer).

Does a graphics card store your games?

No, a graphics card does not store any permanent data like programs or games. The video memory (VRAM) on a graphics card is just like regular memory--it is volatile. This means that any game information stored in the graphics card memory is removed as soon as you close the program it is associated with or turn off your computer.

Is there a way to get a free graphics card with Pixel Shader 1.1?

theres no such thing as a free graphics card unless you dig it out of the trash...a graphics card is like a big computer chip that you put into your computers agp slot

How do you get a graphics card?

A graphic card. Well, you can get those at your local electronics, like at Best Buy. :)

Is there a virtual website like neopets? it doesn't have as good graphics, but it's still pretty fun.

What is a virtual credit card?

A virtual credit card is almost like a normal credit card but it used only over the internet. It is a one time use credit card, that allows you to set your own limit. It is important to contact the merchant before using the virtual credit card for purchases because not all merchants will accept them.

How do you insert graphics card?

There should be a plug in the motherboard for it, there should be a memory card that looks exactly like it in a slot that looks exactly like it. Line up the graphics card with the slot and put it in, then put the clamps on the side. If this doesn't make sense to you, go have someone do it for you.

I'd like to run a Windows XP virtual machine inside Windows server 2008 and want high end graphics card for CAD GIS and gaming.?

Well that's simply too bad. Virtual machines are very limited in their ability to emulate a hardware accelerated video card. Even if they could, the performance would be so abysmal it wouldn't be worth it.

Is a 1GB graphics card good for gaming?

no not really you need like a 3 or 4 if u like gaming -Improve- In regards to the above answer i think they were referring to graphics memory not RAM. A 1 GB graphics card is awesome for gaming, but 4 gigs of ram wouldn't hurt either.

Is there any games exactly like stardoll but way cooler?

Stardoll is a very virtual and fun game which can not be defeated with any stardoll-like game.Well as far as I know there is a game just like stardoll and has everything like stardoll,but its not that virtual or doesn't have the graphics like stardoll has.

Do you need a graphics card for gaming?

Depends on the games you play, if you want to play something like assassins creed brotherhood or need for speed shift 2 you will definitely need a powerful graphics card, but have no fear a graphics cards for 200$ can run these games nicely but you have to make sure you have enough juice in you power supply to feed the card. If you want to play something like GTA:Vice city or CS 1.6 you will not need a graphics card, unless your system is very old. and if it is, i would recommend you buy a new one.

What is embedded graphics software?

not much really you know intel they have embeded graphics it means graphics card that is basically connected to the cpu. see stuff like nvidia or ati are all gpu s because they're seperate like cpu's.

What is a 256mb graphics card 9x and is it the only graphics card usable in total war shogun 2 this is because i spent 50 bucks on the game to learn that i will need to spend 100 or more on a card?

It sounds to me like manufacturers of the game recommend that you have a graphics card with at least 256MB of video RAM and with support for Direct X 9 most graphics cards made after 2006 do meet or exceed these requirements you can check if your card does by accessing device manager and look under display adapters, this will display your card you can Google it and find the exact specs.

Where can someone purchase Nvidia Graphics cards?

Nvidia Graphics card can be purchased on the official Nvidia Graphics website. These cards could also be purchased at Best Buy or at online stores like Amazon or eBay.

What is the purpose of a AGP slot?

It's a graphics card slot for the AGP graphics cards (the card with the ports you plug the monitor into), and like PCI and PCI-X, was superceded by PCI-Express around 2004. Hope this helps! SeanHolshouser

How do you download shader model 2?

1Shader model 2 is a feature on a graphics card ,either the graphics card supports it or it doesnt.2There are some games that have mods like shader model 2,like a patch really, also in this case the GPU must support it.

Which graphic card will sony VGN-C25G laptop will support?

It doesn't seem like that laptop's graphics are upgradeable. (Most laptops don't have upgradable graphics cards.)

What if computer doesn't have a graphics card?

Then computer won't work, unless you have integrated graphic controller like Intel.

Is an integrated graphics good enough for viewing photos?

Yes, integrated graphics is perfectly find for normal use like internet browsing and viewing pictures. gaming and sometimes watching movies may require a separate graphics card

How do you make PC games run faster?

Update your graphics card and processor. Adding RAM also helps. It may be easier to buy a new computer with a high-end graphics card and processor. There are many that are prebuilt (like Alienware) but the cheaper option would be to individually order all the parts (motherboard, processor, graphics card, RAM, etc.) and put it together by yourself.

If I uninstall High performance games like Half Life 2 or Red Faction guerrilla Improve Games like Crysis on high detail?

I highly doubt it. You probably need more RAM or a better graphics card. Also, check if your graphics card needs any driver updates.

I have an Intel 82852 game graphics card 1.8 ghz procceser and 750 mb ram when i go play it doesnt work but i have old drivers for graphics card?

Your Hardware is really bad. I mean REALLY bad. Like 2005. Get a new PC.

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