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Not yet i suppose BUT viruses can freeze a computer and do all kinds of damage

AnswerNo. But virus infections can cause loss of your data, transfer of your data to other machines, "monitoring" of your machine by another or others, or the introduction of advertising or other information you did not put there or may not wish to see. They can also trash your operating system and do other software damage that can cause your machine to fail to function and make it unusable. AnswerIn thorey you should be able to blow a computer up remotly.

If one was to "remote login" to another PC and be able to run a system overlocking task to overclock the users CPU 200x

This would create heat and could possiblly make the CPU spontaniously combust.

This would then cause an electrical fire.


Yes, All you have to do is get a virus called a hammer and smash it continously into your computer and then that's all, you can also send this virus to your friends all you have to do is go to there house pick up the hammer and throws it as hard as you can either at your friend first, or at their computer.

Yours Truly, Stupid-Head

I'm not sure who wrote that comment, but it is very very very stupid, all you have to is pick up your computer and throw it into your toilet and press the flush button, if this does not work, eat your own face or someone elses cat as for the last comment someone very immature must of wrote that

Yours Truly, Stupid Head

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Q: Is there a virus that can blow up your computer?
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What is bob virus?

A Bob virus is a virus that was made by a guy named Bob in 1999. This virus can make your computer blow up sky high and you will die.

Is there a virous that can blow your computer up?

A virus cannot make a bomb inside a computer. You would have to put a bomb inside a computer.

Is outspark a virus My computer tells me it is an unknown publisher and that the the file does not have a valid signature I am downloading an RPG called fiesta is it safe?

I'm afraid so. I tried to play it, and it gave me a virus, causing my computer to blow up (not literally) forever. I had to get new computer.

What are the main characteristics of a fake virus?

Fake viruses usually threaten to do impossible things, such as blow up someone's computer, set it on fire, or even delete the entire contents of the computer.

Why must to scan virus?

Viruses can mess up your computer and is you scan for them you can get rid of them and know what is messing up your computer is you have a virus.

What happens when you click on virus adds?

if you click on virus adds your computer will stuff up and have virus

If your computer has a virus?

computer has a virus remove virus on the computer

What is an electroic infection to a computer or computer network?

An electronic infection on a computer is known as a virus. A virus is a program that infects your computer and basically screws everything up.

What does the virut virus do?

It fox up your computer !!

Computer engineers fix computers?

no, they blow them up with c4, and also they blow up your house in the process, then they buy u a new computer, but it only has 2gb memory

Definition of virus?

Virus is software which is enter up & destry of computer functional pogramma

Abbreviation and definition of virus computer?

definition of a computer virus definition of a computer virus

What are some of the disadvantages of computer virus?

what are the disadvantages of computer virus what are the disadvantages of computer virus

What is the worst virus a window XP a computer can get?

Its arguable but i think its norton anti virus It's called Agobot I Think, but you can get up to six viruses in you're computer if you get that virus?

Does a computer with no display have a virus?

Every computer could have a virus but if you use your computer carefully it can be impossible for the virus to come to your computer.

Difference between the human virus and computer virus?

A computer virus causes harm to the computer while a a human virus causes harm to a human beings. A computer virus in curable a human virus is incurable.

What is system sector boot virus?

A boot sector virus is a computer virus that puts itself in the boot sector of a computer. The boot sector is the partition on the disk drive that contains all of the programs and files necessary for the computer to start up. This ensures that the virus will be executed once the computer is turned on.

What is acronym for virus in computer in computer?

the acronym name for computer virus

How do you clean up a ram from virus?

RAM is cleaned when you power off your computer. Your virus is not on the RAM, it is on the hard disk and moves from there into RAM when you start up your computer. You need to remove the virus from the hard disk and then reboot it to clean the RAM.

Is there a virus that closes your computer and it can never turn on again?

hemmm the virus sven and variants would boot up suddenly BUT the machine can be turned on again. Nothing can physically prevent your computer from turning on, but a virus could corrupt your operating system and prevent your computer from booting up.

What are the basic components of a virus?

A virus inside a computer contains pop-ups, computer freezes, and some programs may not open up right.

What is a virus in a computer?

a virus in a computer which is slowly breaking you computer and is hard to get rid of

Does hacking mess up your computer?

Yes, hacking will ban you from websites and possibly give you a virus or mess up your computer

What is difference between scanning virus and removing virus?

Scanning virus only help to find the virus inside your computer disks, but do no other actions, virus is still in your computer. But Removing virus not only find it, but also remove the virus from your computer. Thus no such virus will remain in your computer after that.

Will your computer blow up if you plant a bomb in modern warfare 2?