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Is there a wait time when you purchase auto insurance?

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Q: Is there a wait time when you purchase auto insurance?
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How long after an accident should someone make an auto insurance claim?

One should make an auto insurance claim after an accident right after the incident occurs. If you wait, witnesses might forget what happened or leave and injuries may not be documented well.

Do you still have to make a car payment while you wait for your gap insurance to pay on an auto claim?

You don't have to, but they may take the car back.

Can you get auto insurance with a learners permit in Texas?

It is best to wait til you have your drivers license, I would check with your agent but you should be covered with the learners permit.

What to do if your car has been hit?

# Call the police or local law enforcement agency # Gather all the information from the other driver: Drivers license, insurance, etc. # Call your auto insurance agent asap ... # Wait for the insurance companies to haggle out the details.

How can I find auto accessories to purchase for my car?

Auto accessories can be purchased online at retailers such as Amazon. Cheaper offers may be found at second hand stores such as eBay if one is willing to wait for the auction to be over.

How long can you wait before filing an auto claim after an accident in Texas?

No time at all, call them right away.

Do you know anyone that has had to wait on a life insurance settlement?

Their is usually some waiting period for a life insurance settlement, but it usually does not take a long time. If too much time goes by without receiving your settlement, I would contact the life insurance company.

How do you get cheaper auto insurance rates?

Be a better driver, live in areas where things such as car theft and accidents aren't so high, and, if you're not 25 yet, wait until you are.

Why would you buy car insurance before buying a car?

I would purchase insurance before buying a specific car, but most polices want to know what car is insured so I would wait. Also, you will most likely need to have insurance to take possession of the vehicle.

Requesting Your Free Auto Insurance Quote?

There is a way to lower your auto insurance costs without a lot of hassle. Getting a free auto insurance quote is the first step. As a matter of fact, it would not hurt to get quotes from several insurance companies so you can compare to get the best deal. You can request your free auto insurance quote online by supplying personal information, such as your name, address, phone number, and license number. You will also be asked to enter your vehicle's year and make, as well as any recent auto accidents or traffic violations. It might come as a surprise to learn that each insurance company rates your information differently, so that can result in different premium amounts from company to company. That is why it is always a wise choice to get a free auto insurance quote from more than one company. Then you can compare the results and choose the one that best fits your needs. Some people think they must wait until their current insurance is expiring to get quotes, but you can request quotes anytime.

Can you get insurance or a warranty on the amethyst jewelry set?

With any jewelry purchase, I would wait until you have received the item in the mail and then take it to an estimator to find out how much it is really worth. This will determine how much insurance you would like to have on the piece.

How long wAit to purchase a home after a short sell?

There is not a time limit on how long you have to wait to buy a home after a short sell. It all will depend on how long it takes to clear.

How long does it take to get an auto claim check from state farm insurance?

i would not no still waiting it been almost 4 month i can got get a answer from state farm . how long dose a person wait

After calling to be added to your parents car insurance can you drive right away or do you have to wait for documents to be sent to you?

Yes, You have to wait for proof that you have insurance, that means documentaion. Remember the law requires not only that you have insurance. But that you have "Proof" of insurance at all times while operating a motor vehicle.

Can you purchase individual health insurance if you are currently covered under your spouse's plan?

Sure you can. But why would you want to purchase coverage if you already have coverage on your wife's plan? You might want to research now and then wait to buy until after her coverage comes up for renewal.

How long can one legally wait to buy insurance for a new car?

Legally, there is no way to wait to buy insurance for a new car. All new cars must have valid insurance policies before they are able to leave the lot.

Get Online Auto Insurance For Less?

Gone are the days when a person was required to drive across town and then wait in an agent's office while a clerk drew up some insurance papers for signing. Gone are the days when a person had to stay on the phone indefinitely while the office girl on the other end tried to produce an insurance quote. Now a person can take care of all his auto insurance needs by simply logging on to his computer. Now that he has access to online auto insurance, there will be no more gasoline wasted on trips to the agent's office. Equally important is the fact that any future billings can be received by email, and any future payments can be made with a credit card or online check. If a copy of the billing is needed, that is just a click away. It can then be printed from a personal printer. Thanks to the availability of online auto insurance, consumers are now free to spend their time doing something much more productive than holding on the phone or driving across town.

Get An Auto Insurance Quote For Less?

The first place to start after deciding to lower auto insurance costs is to request a free online auto insurance quote. The quote will give vital information as to the coverage and the amount of premium the company will charge for requested insurance amounts. To obtain a quote online, certain information must be provided. The vehicle's make, model, and year will be needed. The Vehicle Identification Number, or VIN, might be requested. If the driver has had any traffic tickets or auto accidents within the last few years, that information must be divulged. Of course, the owner's name, address, and driver's license number should be entered, as well. If the driver has a good driving record, it shows less risk for the insurance company and may qualify for a discount. Additionally, if the motor vehicle has any safety features or anti-theft devices, that could add up to savings, too. Getting a free online auto insurance quote is definitely the first step to lowering insurance premiums. A person does not have to wait until his current insurance expires to shop around.

Do you have to wait until the final judgment of divorce before you can take wife off insurance?

You will have to wait until the final judgement is rendered. Due to the fact that you might be ordered to carry insurance on her.

Does the driver carry the coverage on a vehicle or is it the car?

Automobile Insurance follows the vehicle....not the driver. This said, in some cases, accidents can result in litigation in which the driver's insurance policy can also have a claim filed against it. These cases usually involve more serious accidents such as vehicular homicide and DUI. A good rule of thumb loan your car then you also loan your Auto Insurance Policy. Therefore, if you loan your car to your good old buddy or to your girlfriend or boyfriend and they total your car and cause property damage/ bodily injury......the claim is filed against YOUR auto insurance policy. Also, if you have anyone in your household, over the age of 16(regardless if they are licensed or not), you should disclose this to your insurance company. Some policies EXCLUDE drivers not listed on an Auto Insurance Policy. Don't wait until claim time and find out that you are now financially responsible for somebody elses accident!

How do you get points of your drivers licenses?

You obey the rules of the road when you do drive and you wait. The passage of time is the only way for the points to expire. Remember, the points will expire but your driving record lasts forever and your auto insurance company looks at the last five years of your driving record when calculating your premium. The worse your record the higher your insurance premium will be because the insurance company figures that since you're a bad driver, you're more likely to have accidents and make claims which is not what they want.

Why do you have to wait 24 hours after you received your insurance claim check to cash it?

You don't have to wait 24 hours to cash your claim check from the insurance company. Now if you got the check through an intermediary such as an attorney, then you would need to ask the attorney why you have to wait.

Is flood insurance included in basic homeowners insurance?

Homeowner's insurance policies do not cover flood damage. You will need a Flood Insurance policy and to get one you will have to apply and wait 30 days.

How long does a rock chip windshield window repair usually take?

This task will take an auto repair shop an hour or so, plus drying time. However, the total time varies based on the wait time.

How much is insurance if you have your learners permit?

I would wait til you get your license.