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plucking it works. the first time is uncoferatable but after that its easy

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Q: Is there a way that you can remove your pubic hair without it growing back as thick?
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Hsw much pubic hair do you have?

I normally have a rather thick patch of dark brown pubic hair, the same color as the hair on my head. However, in early March, I trimmed and shaved the crotch area. The hair is slowly growing back.

How much pubic hair do you have?

I normally have a rather thick patch of dark brown pubic hair, about the same color as the hair on my head. However, in early March, I trimmed and shaved the crotch area, and the hair is slowly growing back.

Why is pubic hair thick?

The pubic area is one of our most vulnerable spots. The hair is thick there for heat insulation and protection. It keeps the spot safe.

What do you do with pubic hair?

No matter how thick and bushy my pubic hair is, I would never cut, shave or trim it, I am well endowed, and that is the way it will always be.

Do Chinese people have pubic hair?

Yes, they do. It is usually very dark and thick.

Is it normal for a 14 year old to have few pubic hairs?

Yes, it is. Don't expect thick pubic hair until your late teens and early twenties.

Is thick yellow looking pubic hair growing on your scrotum a symptom of something?

Depends on your hair color. If you are blond, then it's your normal hair color. If you are not a blond, then it might be discharges or dirts. Wash it away if that's the case.

What is the average age for a male child to grow pubic hairs?

i started growing little white hairs in early sixth grade.....11 or 12...then they turned into thick dark hairs around mid seventh grade...

Is it normal for a woman to have pubic hair on the tops of her thighs?

It is usually normal. I have it, too. I don't think it's really pubic hair, it is just thick or looks similar.

You have dark thick pubic hair and have to shave it daily is there anything else you can do to keep it smooth?


How can you tell if a woman has thick pubic hair?

Check the thickness of the eyebrows, then the hair on her arms! If both areas are dense with hair, then you can bet the pubic area is very thickly grown!

14 year old girl have pubic hair?

This is completely normal... I got pubic hair when I was ten, but my sister didn't get it 'til she was 15. It's just part of puberty. More thoughts: My daughters and I started puberty at 8-9. By 10-11 we all had thick pubic hair. Oh, I made the choice at 18 to shave my pubic bare. My girls have seen my shave vulva since they were little and started shaving their vulva as soon as the hair started growing. That was their choice.

Why is pubic hair coarse and thick and curly?

This is probably to keep the area warm. Because it is vital to our reproduction.

What colour are the first pubic hairs?

The first pubic hairs are usually a light grayish to a thick peach hair color. Then they get a shade darker in a day or so. Alot of times it depends on your color hair. For instance a brown will get brown pubic hair.

What encompasses the pubic area?

The pubic area is also called the pubic triangle. It is the area, mainly the crotch, where thick coarser hair grows. During puberty, your sex hormones make the hair grow. It mainly begins at the base of the penis and the area above the vagina. The slang word for pubic hair is sometimes called pubes.

Why do i have Thick reddish pubic hair?

Some people are just lucky. Fire Down Below!

Do women have more pubic hair than men?

yes they do a lot more

Is it normal to have lots of pubic hair at the age of 12?

Yes, when I was 12 my pubic hair was so thick that I couldn't even see the skin under it and now that I'm 17 it is even longer and thicker

What are the perfect hair growing products?

The perfect hair growing products are mane and tail shampoo. Your hair will get really thick and long.

How do you remove thick hairs?

you can pluck them or wax them or shave them

What is the best way to remove hard skin from your feet without using a pumice stone?

I think you can cut it of with scissors when its thick. But you cn use a nail cutter too.

What is a dense forest?

The word "dense" means thick. A dense forest is a forest thick with trees or having trees growing very closely together.

Do echidnas have dry scales?

No. Echidnas are mammals, and mammals do not have scales. Echidnas have skin covered by thick fur, and spines growing throughout the thick fur.

How do you remove the bolts from the doors of your 1999 wrangler without removing paint on nut?

I would try either a strap wrench, or, a pair of vice grips with a thick cloth covering the nut.

How do animals adapt in taiga?

by growing and adapting to the harsh weather an example would be their thick coats

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