Is there a way to charge laptop batteries when not connected to your laptop?


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okey, if you want to charge your laptop battery, i suggest you charge it from your laptop adapter. so , you can see that some charger for mobile phone, shaver, ect. may has the same output volt to your laptop battery volt, but ,if the conect between the charger and batter is not inseparably close, the battery may discharge at the same time. this may decrease the life of your laptop if you don't want to work with the battery, keep the adapter connect with the laptop. or if the laptop battery is poor, change a new one.


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Mainly all laptop are power by a cord. Usually its the kid version laptops that can run on batteries, but not the professional ones.

try running the batteries flat by leaving a load like alight connected for a couple of days. wire the bilge pump the right way round then recharge the batteries

returning they to stores such as Best Buy

i think there is a way back in my country my grandfather used to put the batteries out in sunlight and it worked again i think you have to leave it out for almost 4 hours

When you first purchase a laptop, make sure to allow the battery to fully discharge before charging it as this allows the battery not to have any dead spots in it. After it is fully discharged, completely charge the laptop, after that your good to go. Wall charging is the best method as it is a slow charger that will end up extending your batteries overall life.

Usually--but there's one sure way to find out! Attempt to charge the device with the laptop off, and check the device's charge indicator.

A way of connecting batteries together to provide more current is to connect them in parallel. This allows more capacity at the same voltage. If the batteries were connected in series the voltage would be increased.

It depends on usage. But laptop batteries last anywhere between 12-24 months. My laptop battery needs to be replaced because it will not charge all the way and it is 19 months old. If possible, Replace it with a 9 cell for longer life and it will hold a charge longer too.

Most batteries of any sort come with some charge, though almost never to their full capacity, and should be charged before their first use. Charging them all the way wouldn't do any good, since the charge naturally drains after a few weeks or months, thus it would be more expensive to keep them in inventory.

No. Charging a laptop takes way more power than a USB port can provide.

If your laptop computer is only connected wirelessly, then the only way to dial a phone number is with a VoIP application or service, such as Skype.

Do not let the battery run down until dead. This shortens the life of the battery, especially car batteries. Some lithium batteries, such as for laptop PCs, this is actually good for the battery, but that's the exception.For a vehicle, boat or motorcycle, keeping the battery charged on a trickle charger to maintain 100% charge is the best way to extend the life.

Two 12 Volt batteries connected in series = 24 Volts.Two 12 Volt batteries connected in parallel = 12 Volts. Can't be to healthy for the power tool either way.

It is wise to let batteries - whether in a cell phone or laptop - to run all the way down from time to time. Continuously charging your phone or computer can cause batteries to swell and lose their ability to hold a charge for long periods of time.

Some will, but it is not recommended because it can damage the batteries or the charger. Invest in a NiCd charger or better yet get some NiMh batteries. NiMh batteries are better than NiCd in every way.

Laptop keyboards are connected to the motherboard with a variety of proprietary connectors. There is no easy way to wire one to connect to a desktop.

At least 12 hours if you've just bought it. You can use the laptop while it is charging. I have had laptops connected to their charging device plugged into a wall socket for weeks. Some but not all of them have had problems with their batteries loosing capacity. I suspect the deterioration is due to insufficient "intelligence" in the charger. First time charging of modern Lithium ion batteries: often at least 12 hours (see the manual). Subsequent charging cycles: Check the laptops battery status with software (usually installed on a laptop). Older Nickel Cadmium batteries are a much different story: The NiCd battery should be regularly depleted (and not too slowly either) and recharged fully or a "memory" effect will come into play whereby the battery capacity is drastically reduced. Sometimes about 3 to 5 hours. Some suggest the best way is to have two batteries used alternately to extend battery life. Sometimes, there is an indicator that lights up (green) when the battery is at full charge. 12-23 hours is usually a good time frame for the first charge. Make sure you "exercise" the battery by draining and recharging it a few times. Now laptop batteries are almost always Li-ion rechargeable batteries (Li-ion batteries are not susceptible of being over charged if the voltage and current are correct), What's more, most modern laptops have the intelligence to control the charge cycle and stop the charging after the battery has been fully charged.

yes you can you can plug in your charger to the wall and plug the other end into your laptop and where the wall is you can turn the button off

if it wont charge, it could be the charger itself or the port on the laptop. Verify that the charge works on another computer if you can. If not, i would start with the charger as it can be cheaper then a new motherboard or a new laptop. But try to find a way to test it first.

The only ways to charge a laptop without being an electronics specialist are to use the charger to connect it to line power, or install a fully charged battery in place of a depleted one.

Yes. Well of course you can! Have you never used a laptop before? I'm on mine right now and its plugged in. There is no other way for the battery in your laptop to charge without it being off because if you plug in the charger to the laptop while its off, the battery wont fill. Hope that helped!! :)

The laptops battery can only be charged by plugging the computer into the mains power. If it will not charge this way then the battery is dead and will need replacing.

It depends... If the laptop 'powers down' while the lid is closed, then no. If the laptop still sends power to the USB sockets, then yes. The only way to know for sure is - plug the phone into a USB socket, then close the lid on the laptop. If the phone shows it's charging - then it will continue to charge until you unplug it.

The easiest way of connecting to the internet is to use wireless broadband internet connected to your laptop. Another easy way of connecting to the internet is to use your smartphone.

If two batteries are connected in parallel (i.e anode of first with anode of other and cathode of first with cathode of other), then they cannot be charged using 12V, it may damage them.But if anode of first is connected to cathode of other (i.e. Batteries in Series) and cathode of first with cathode of 12 V supply (i.e. cathode of charger) and anode of second with anode of 12 V supply(i.e. anode of charger) then both the batteries can be charged using 12 V supply, easily.

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