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I was looking for some cheap and invisible way to close my teeth gap. I found out that Teeth effect bands are the quickest and cheapest way to close teeth gap and they are clear bands. I am 35 and I had big gap between my front teeth. I used teeth effect bands from www.oralband.com for $19.99 and it closed my teeth gap in my front teeth in less than 1 month.

You can either use:

1- Bonding (white fillings) which take only one appointement

2- Porcelain veneers which take two appointements.

3- Invisible orthodontistry (Invisalign) which takes at least a year for a full mouth straightening of your teeth.

Yes, teeth effect bands from teethgap.com can be used to close your gap without going to the dentist.

That "teeth effects" stuff sounds like a gimmick. I doubt if it will be able to close teeth gaps. I went to their website and it doesn't look like it can be trusted. They don't even have a phone number.

Actually, the teeth gap is not a gimmick and it does work. I had a kind-of small gap and I used the bands. After three weeks, the gap was almost completely gone. I HIGHLY recommend this.

I've used the teeth makeover bands, and they worked for me *shrugs* Worth a try. They're cheaper than teeth effect bands and their site is more professional.

Invisalign takes about 4 months and it is Cheap around $20

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How do you close a gap without braces?

you cannot unless your teeth align themselves :)

Does Zac Efron with braces?

For a time, he wore removable braces to help close the gap between his upper front teeth.

How do your gap between your teeth close?

get braces it help a lot but to can get it done from the doctor they will pull them in together but get braces hurt less!

Why does your wrap around bracket on your braces hurt?

Because they need to be really tight to close the gaps in between your teeth.

Do braces close big gaps?

yes. they even close microscopic gaps

How much is it to close the gap in your teeth?

well you will have to get braces

How long does it take to close upper 1st bicuspid extraction gaps with braces?

I have 4 bicuspid extractions for my braces, my doctor said it'll take 6 months approx to close it all.

Does Michelle Obama have invisalign braces?

It has never been reported. But looking at pictures of her as a child, she had a gap between her two front teeth, and now as an adult, she does not. It was very common for parents to take their kids to an orthodontist and get braces to close such gaps, and there has been some conjecture that Michelle did in fact have braces when she was growing up.

Can you get braces with missing teeth?

yes you can if you already had the braces while your tooth came out then they will put a wire over it but it you teeth came out before the braces no because it is a possibility that the braces can close the gap and stop the adult tooth from coming back in

Why do the people who take One Direction's pictures edit Niall's braces out?

They don't. The braces aren't meant to show that much in pictures, just close ups you can see he is wearing braces.

Can a retainer close gaps?

No they are used before or after braces depending on your case

How long would it take to close a gap between your two front teeth with braces if you have no other tooth problems?

My advice is to consult an Orthodontist. It is possible to get partial braces, or just braces on your upper teeth. I also had a bit of a gap between my 2 front teeth and it only took a few weeks for it to close completely. I wear mine for 20 months however, because of jaw problems. You will have to wear a retainer afterwards otherwise your teeth may go back to their original position. An Orthodontist is someone that will give you Braces if you need them but if you're a sister/brother that needs Braces and you think you do to then smile a lot and and try and make them notice but don't say anything!

How can you close the teeth gap?

Go on google and look for thing to help

How do you straighten the gap between all your teeth without going to the dentist?

My sister has a tooth gap and she was pretty happy when I found a solution for her. Orthofill closed her tooth gap in very short time, like 2 months or so. Up to know her gap is close. She asked her dentist but he didnt advise it. Well, this I think is a way to close your gap without going to the dentist nor wearing braces.

How do you close the gaps between your teeth and straighten them without braces?

Depending on your specific situation, it may be possible to close gaps and straighten teeth with veneers or crowns. This will be much faster than orthodontics, and it may not be an option if the teeth are too out of alignment. To be sure, you should consult a general dentist with a good reputation. There should be little or no charge for a simple consultation.

How do they close gaps in teeth?

Dentists use braces, or alternate ways are as follows: To fix the front gap between your central incisor teeth, you can either use: 1 - Use Teeth Effect Bands 2 - Bonding (white fillings). 3 - Porcelain veneers. 4 - Invisalign. Braces take around 1-2 months to close the gaps.

Are braces dorky?

no way!i have braces and if you think that they are dorky you have a low self esteem and if you are getting braces and are scared people will mock you just keep you friends close and hold your head high and show off metal mouth!

Do Meerpups hunt on their own?

no they forage close to the adults.

How do you fix the gap between your front teeth if you have weak gums?

Unfortunately you may need to get spacers or braces. But if it's a little gap it'll close up on it's own.

Do chains on braces hurt worse?

Yes as they quickly move teeth to close spaces.

What is mean by scope in c language?

Scope is generally defined as variable or functions life... Generally the life is between the opening braces and close braces "{ }" ... If thee variable is defined as "static" and if is defined outside a function then its scope is in same file. if defined as global then its scope is across the files.

Do Beyonce wear braces?

Possibly, if in reference to her teeth. New breakthroughs in Dentistry have allowed for the use of tooth alignment techniques "braces" that are nearly invisible unless viewed up close.

Can braces cause drooling?

well there are two ways to answer this question, one you have braces are you are drooling, so you already know the answer is yes. but No, braces donot cause hyper salivation. looking at a pic of a hot guy/girl that you will never get close enough to talk to will though

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