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You Can but typically the pipe for the shower head that is coming out of the wall is just a short piece of pipe that you should be able to remove easily enough by unscrewing it. Then you can just replace that piece with a new one. == Answer== Do the same as above but make sure your shower arm is not floppy, if it is you could tear up the riser coming to the arm. Be very carefull.

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Q: Is there a way to cut and re-thread a shower pipe that is already coming out of the wall?
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What color is shower pipe?

Shower pipe is gray

How do you change the shower arm going to your shower head?

I am assuming you are talking about the curved pipe coming out of the wall leading to your shower head. In order to change it, simply unscrew it counter-clockwise using a pipe wrench. To install the new one, make sure you use pipe sealing compound and wrap the jaws of the pipe wrench with tape to prevent the finish from marring.

Can you install a toilet on an existing shower drain?

You need at least a 3 in. pipe -- shower is 2 in. pipe

What size is shower drain pipe?

2 in.

What size pipe for shower drain?


Is there a required minimum pipe size for a shower tub drain?

The required minimum pipe size for a shower tub drain is 1 inch.

How do you know if shower pipe is clogged?

Water won't drain from shower. Either trap or shower drain line is clogged.

What is the size of main pipe to shower?

Normally 2"

Can i install a US shower head on an Australian pipe?

No. Australian pipe threads are metric and the US is not.

Why does water leak through my ceiling when my shower is running and not when you fill the tub?

the shower and bath water comes from two different places so their is two different pipes. Get the shower pipe checked out by a plummer and they cause fix the pipe.

Why is there no water coming out of the shower head when it is turned on?

You may have a broken pipe or have not paid your water bill and they turned it off at the main. Check the main for a tag from the department of water and power.

Why does your shower squeal?

Your shower may squeal because it has a leak in it. There may also be a loose screw somewhere in the pipe.

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