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You Can but typically the pipe for the shower head that is coming out of the wall is just a short piece of pipe that you should be able to remove easily enough by unscrewing it. Then you can just replace that piece with a new one. == Answer== Do the same as above but make sure your shower arm is not floppy, if it is you could tear up the riser coming to the arm. Be very carefull.


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I am assuming you are talking about the curved pipe coming out of the wall leading to your shower head. In order to change it, simply unscrew it counter-clockwise using a pipe wrench. To install the new one, make sure you use pipe sealing compound and wrap the jaws of the pipe wrench with tape to prevent the finish from marring.

You need at least a 3 in. pipe -- shower is 2 in. pipe

The required minimum pipe size for a shower tub drain is 1 inch.

Water won't drain from shower. Either trap or shower drain line is clogged.

No. Australian pipe threads are metric and the US is not.

the shower and bath water comes from two different places so their is two different pipes. Get the shower pipe checked out by a plummer and they cause fix the pipe.

A poor plumbing job. The pipes to the shower & sink share a pipe to the water heater and the pipe is not large enough. This causes the water pressure in the pipe to drop when the hot water is turned on at the sink while the shower is also on.

Take the shower head off the pipe coming out of the wall and look in it. There will probably be a disk in it with about a 1/8 inch hole in the middle. That's the flow restritor. It should pop out or some screw out.

You may have a broken pipe or have not paid your water bill and they turned it off at the main. Check the main for a tag from the department of water and power.

Shower drain goes into a trap under shower. Continue piping from trap to drain line.

This question is vague as it doesn't state where exactly between the main and shower head it has broken. However, worse case scenario, the wall will have to be excavated a little to allow for the pipe to be replaced, using the required fittings to go with it.

Your shower may squeal because it has a leak in it. There may also be a loose screw somewhere in the pipe.

Yes, plastic pipe, PEX, can replace copper anywhere now.

It all depends how it was attached in the first place. Most are fitted to the shower pipe where it comes through the wall. There are attachments and clips to do this. My shower pipe has a TEE fitting on the end with one leg going to an overhead shower and the other to the handheld. There are many variations of this. Cruise your plumbing aisle of HD or Walmart and you will find lots.

Yes. While you might think you are safe from water coming out of the shower head, the charge may travel up the drain pipe.

the outlet pipe at the base of the shower has not got enough angel for the water to run free

Yes, the shower neck is threaded into a brass fitting nailed to a wall stud.

the pies are connected so when you turn on the shower the vaulve in the pipe going to the other shower might not be all the way closed thus causing it to leak

Soil Pipe: A pipe which is carrying waste/Soil from WC. Waste Pipe: A pipe which is carrying wastewater from wet area like shower,wash basin,floor drain etc.

That depends on the pipe diameter, the shower head, the water pressure and if the shower is pumped. Without all this information it is impossible to say.

The trap is a P or S shaped bend in the drain pipe which retains water to block gases from coming out of the drain. Traps are located under the sink, under a shower or bath tub, and they are formed into the drain path of the toilet.

Explain what it is doing! is water coming out of the tail pipe? do you see white smoke coming out of the tail pipe?

Usually into a sewer pipe that goes to a water treatment plant.

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