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No. Valid information reported to CS will remain for the required 5 year time limit.

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Q: Is there a way to get off chex systems if you had a business checking acct and the business filed bankruptcy and the amount they are showing are bank fees that were included and discharged?
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Can discharged items that were included in a bankruptcy be listed as discharged in bankruptcy on your credit report?

Yes, discharged debts are generally noted as "included in bankruptcy" on a CR.

Can priority debts be included in bankruptcy?

You don't have a choice, ALL debts must be included in your bankruptcy petition. Oh, also, priority debts cant be discharged in a bankruptcy.

Can you rid charge offs on your credit report if that creditor was included in your bankruptcy?

The charge offs will remain the required seven years and should be noted as included or discharged in bankruptcy.

Can you get a civil judgment removed from your credit report if it was included and discharged in a bankruptcy even if the judgment date is later than the bankruptcy discharge date?

No, debts, liens, judgments incurred after a bankruptcy has been filed cannot be included and therefore cannot be discharged in the BK proceedings.AnswerI was informed that if you had included this creditor in your bankruptcy, which was discharged, the creditor should have stoped all actions towards obtaining a judgment against you. I believe this judgment can be discharged by filing a discharge request with the court administrator and only then removed from the credit report. However, if you did not list this creditor on your bankruptcy, then it will prevail. Call the court administrator.

What is chaptur 7?

Chapter 7 is a "fresh start" bankruptcy. You are discharged from all debt included in the bankruptcy. There are some debt that you cannot discharge.

How do you get a judgment to say satisfied on your credit report when it was discharged in your bankruptcy?

If a judgment was included in, and discharged by, your bankruptcy; there is no need to obtain a separate disposition. Write the credit bureaus and send a copy of your bankruptcy papers which show this judgment included. That should suffice to have the judgment removed from your report and the original tradeline from the debt marked "included in BK". Talk with an attorney or go to a bank that has a notary service.

How can you get a judgment off your credit report after filing bankruptcy?

If the debt that you were sued over, or the judgment itself was included in your bankruptcy, you only need send a copy of your bankruptcy papers to the credit reporting agencies. The judgment will not "come off", but it should get marked "included in bankruptcy" or "discharged through bankruptcy".

How do you stop a creditor from updating the account that is included in bankruptcy?

Make sure the creditor was notified that their debt was included in and discharged through your bankruptcy. Once notified, they cannot legally update a trade line.

Can you still file bankruptcy if a credit card company sues you?

Yes, bankruptcy will halt any lawsuit action. If the lawsuit will be included and discharged in the bankruptcy is dependent upon the ruling of the court.

If you file for bankruptcy then shortly after you come into a decent sum of money can creditors go after that money?

The money might be included in the bankruptcy even is a discharged has occurred. The time between the discharge and the receiving of the money would be the deciding factor. If the bankruptcy has not yet been discharged the money might be included in the procedure as assets, unless it held exemption status.

If you have a promissory note from a person who filed for bankruptcy can you still recover that money?

Not if the debt is included and discharged in the bankruptcy. If the debt is not discharged in the bankruptcy the lender(note holder)may take whatever actions are permitted under the laws of the state where the debtor resides to recover the money owed.

Chapter 7 discharged bankrupcya cousin is now trying to take you to court for money that you borrowed a year before you filed for bankruptcy are you protected under the bankruptcy?

If you included it in your bankruptcy, you're protected by the discharge. If you didn't and you're already discharged from Chapter 7, you may not be protected. I suggest you discuss this with your bankruptcy lawyer.

If a credit card is discharged in a bankruptcy should it still show a balance on a credit report?

It will remain on the report for the required length of time and should be marked "included in bankruptcy."

What is the difference between a discharged bankruptcy and a dismissed bankruptcy?

A discharged bankruptcy indicates the filing was found valid, approved and executed. The debtor is no longer obligated for those debts that were included in the bankruptcy. A dismissed bankruptcy indicates the BK was found to be invalid. It could the result of missing documentation, misrepresentation of facts and so forth. An important factor could be if the bankruptcy is dismissed with prejudice or simply dismissed.

If you file bankruptcy does that mean that the payment history on your accounts is not supposed to show anymore?

This would be the best case scenario for your credit report, but it does not happen automatically. Hopefully, your bankruptcy attorney was diligent about informing all creditors included that their debts were discharged. If not, and you still have derogatory information showing that was included and discharged in a bankruptcy; then you need to send letters of dispute to the creditors and the credit bureaus. Follow up to make certain that nothing shows on your credit report except for the legal entry of bankruptcy, its disposition (the discharge) and all trade lines have no negative information except for the "included in..." or "discharged through..." notation.

Will foreclosure hit credit report after it was discharged at chapter 7 bankruptcy?

Yes, it will show as included in bankruptcy and also foreclosure. You get a double whammy. Sorry probably not what you wanted to hear.

Should an account discharged in bankruptcy have a status of closed and if it still says open is this hurting you?

In this instance the account would generally be noted as "included in bankruptcy. The impact the open account would have is insignificant, compared to the bankruptcy.

What is dismissed versus discharged in regards to bankruptcy?

Discharged indicates the bankruptcy has been found valid and the debts that were allowed to be included in the BK have been expunged, (discharged and closed are two different matters). Dismissed means for some reason(s) the bankruptcy filing was not considered valid and the BK petitioner's debts will remain collectible by whatever means the creditor chooses including a lawsuit.

Can judgments be discharged in bankruptcy?

Perhaps, many judgments can be discharged in bankruptcy. The ones which are allowable are determined by state and/or federal laws, depending on the type of bankruptcy chosen. Understanding that if it gets removed it is because it was included and settled/discharged as part of the BK, generally by using the asset it is secured to, or other isn't just file BK and the lien/debt goes away.

Can a state garnish wages on child support arrears if they are included in chapter 13?

Yes; child support is not affected by or discharged in bankruptcy.

Can a judgment that was discharged be reinstated 2 and a half years after the chapter 7 bk judgment was included in the bankruptcy?

No, once a judgment is discharged it goes away and can not be reinstated. Any creditor that goes after a debt that has been discharged can be fined or sanctioned by the court.

Can a judgment be made on a person protected under chapter 7 bankruptcy?

That's not blanket protection, you are only protected from the included creditors that are dischargeable and discharged. They must cease all action when you file, but after case is over those not discharged or included can get judgements. If it is for a discharged debt it can be vacated. A lien is coming your way, so get rid of it.

Can interest on alimony be discharged in bankruptcy?

There are certain categories of debt that will not be discharged under any bankruptcy scheme. Past due child support, alimony payments, and other debts resulting from divorce settlement agreements or divorce decrees are included in this category and you will still be held responsible for them regardless.

Can you include a personal lawsuit in a ch7 bankruptcy?

I have closed a business and gone through a divorce leaving me with an unpaid lease of $5,000 and unpaid lease on the business location. Can these be included a bankruptcy?

Can interest of child support be included in bankruptcy?

No portion of child support, and interst charged on your failure to pay becmes child support, may be discharged.