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Q: Is there a way to load GBA roms on the dolphin Emulator like the way u load a gb ROM file in Pokemon Stadium 2 on project 64 through GB centre?
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What emulator do you need to play Pokemon Stadium 2 on?

I would suggest project 64.

How do you control Pokemon Stadium ROM with just the keyboard?

you can control which buttons you can use on the keyboard. you do have project 64 emulator right? if so all you must do is: go under options and pick configure controller... then just pick the buttons you want

What is the best nintindo64 emulator?

From my research, I have learned that Project 64 is by far the best emulator you can find.

How do you use Pokemon ROMS?

I recommend Advance Map. For playing them: Download the corresponding emulator, i.e. Virtual Boy Advance Link Edition for red, blue, (Japanese ones as well) silver, gold, Crystal, Ruby, Sapphire, etc...Pokemon games, Project 64 for Pokemon Stadium 1 and 2, etc...And No$Gba for the DS Pokemon games if your system allows.

Is there a Pokemon Stadium on computer?

there is i played with my friend the other day its called project 64 something like tht

Can you play loz oot emulator on PC without a controller?

Yes. try the emulator called project 64

How can you get project 64?

You can search it up or go to Emulator Zone.

With which n64 emulator can you enter GameShark codes?

Project 64

Can the Project 64 Emulator be used with a Nintendo DSi?


What is the best n64 emulator for windows 7?

project 64

How do you control Pokemon Stadium 2 ROM with just the keyboard?

program your controls in a way convenient to you. Its under your emulator joypad options. Might I recommend also getting the latest NRAGE plugin. Go on options (on the emulator project 64) then go on configure controller plugin, then go on digital and type in the keys you want to use for left. right, up, down etc.

If you downloaded a Pokemon Gold SAV file and ROM legally and it worked fine in Stadium 2 via transfer pak how would you play it using an emulator and which one would you use?

Use Project 64 for emulating poke stadium 2. Set up controllers and on control config window click on transfer pak tab and select your Pokemon ROM and game and .sav file. That should be about right... maybe.....

Where can i get project 64?

at the following websites: freeroms, coolrom, emuparadise or emulator-zone.

What is a project 64?

The project 64 is a Nintendo 64 emulator that lets you play Nintendo 64 games that you download from websites.

What does the term project 64 refer to?

Project 64 is a Nintendo 64 games emulator. It offers game support with little to no bugs for users. The emulator enables PC users to play Nintendo 64 games on their PC.

What is a good game to download?

Super Mario 64 on the N64 emulator 'Project 64'

How do you download Pokemon Stadium 2 for PC?

I got it from free ROMs. Search them up. But when I played it it won't work for my Project 64 for some reason.

What shape is a bottlenose dolphin?

what is the shape of a bottlenose dolphin? I need help! I have 4 days until my school project is due

Is project 64 and Nintendo 64 the same thing?

No, the Nintendo 64 is a console. Project 64 is an emulator that lets you play the games on PC.

How do you download n64 games on my PC?

go to : for the n64 emulator my preference would be the project 64 emulator and then u can download the roms from this site aswell

Where to download N64 Emu?

GO TO :http:/ choose project 64 for a good emulator

Is there a Nintendo 64 emulator for the DS?

Yeah the best by far is project 64 get it at or

How do you get wind waker on project 64?

You can't, sorry. Project 64 is an N64 emulator, so you can't play a Gamecube game (Wind Waker) on it.

Can you play Mario 64 on your PC?

Yes you can. You need Project 64, an emulator, and the Mario 64 ROM.

CAN you PLAY diddy kong racing online?

On the original N64 no, but with an emulator (Project 64 and kaillera client) yes you can.