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Contact your local agency that protects children. Some states call it CPS: Child Protective Serves or Department of Children and Families or Children and Youth Services or whatever your state calls it. File a complaint of suspected child endangerment or abuse; many times you don't have to give your name. You may be saving a child from a terrible situation. GOOD LUCK... P.S. Look in the colored pages of your phonebook (usually in the middle) for the state agencies. If possible, always document EVERYTHING, my ex has bi-polar, and without proving it, I would have ended up sharing custody, and he ended up with supervised visits. == == Documentation is key! And make sure you document what the exact problem is. MENATL ABUSE is much harder to prove! there are no physical bruises. If you know or are the teacher document the school work struggling or the anti-social behavior or worse the behavior that they may duplicate from home.

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