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From the Florida DMV website: "Existing law only prohibits the retitiling of an unrebuilable vehicle. It does not prevent such vehicle from being rebuilt or sold in a rebuilt condition in Florida, thus making vehicles available in what would otherwise be an unsafe condition for persons outside this state. To prohibit the rebuilding or selling of an unrebuildable vehicle that has been rebuilt in the state would clearly send a message to those who are redoing these unsafe vehicles that the state will not tolerate such conduct." A Certificate of Destruction (or C of D) is only issued when the car is unrebuildable (as deemed by the insurance company). These are cars that required more than 80% of the vehicle's cost to repair. If this were a salvaged title however, it may be possible to retitle it. So, in short, no you cannot.

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Q: Is there a way to register a vehicle with a Forida Title Certificate of Destruction?
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