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Is there a way to see how many questions are in a topic?

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Yes, when you go to a category at the top of the page under the category title you will see the total number of questions in that category.

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How can a topic web help you write a a problem-and-solution essay?

A topic web is a kind of visual organizer. It is a way of representing the understandings and questions that the class has about a topic. A topic web can also be used to write a problem and solution essay.

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How do you narrow a topic?

One good way is to use your textbook - if your teacher has assigned a topic in your book, look up that section and see what headings are listed under that general category.Another way is to use online search engines. Search for the broad topic and see what comes up when you do that - you will find websites that give you information similar to what would be in a textbook, and can pick headings and sub-topics that way.

How do you complete Counterfeit Island in an easy way?

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What is the difference between moving a question to a different topic and editing its FAQs?

There is no difference between moving a question to another topic and editing its FAQs. Every question appears in at least one FAQ (i.e. topic section). For example, this question is in the "Questions about WikiAnswers Website" category. This appears in the location bar at the top as "Location: > WikiAnswers > Categories > Miscellaneous > Questions about WikiAnswers Website > What is the difference between moving a question to a different topic and editing its FAQs?". If you click the "recategorize" link (if you're not signed in you won't see this) you can move the question to a different topic/FAQ or classify it under more than one such topic. The "recategorize" form has checkboxes to select the appropriate topic(s). It is somewhat confusing that the topic for a question also appears under "Related Categories" in the left-hand column. This is a backwards way of saying the question is located in the "Questions about WikiAnswers Website" FAQ.

Is there a way to see how many questions you have answered on WikiAnswers?

If you cllick on "my contributions" you can see what you've done while you were logged in. It won't show anything you've done while you weren't logged in.

How do you look up questions by topic?

The easiest way is to click on the "Browse categories" button in the blue box at the left of the screen and then type in the category you are looking for.

Does pain rhyme with right way?

No. Please see the related questions below for "What rhymes with pain?" and "What rhymes with way?"

Why are so many questions not answered yet?

We are working our way through the questions as quickly as possible.

Can you show me the way through poptropica?

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How can you find unanswered questions that you asked?

There is currently no way to search for your unanswered questions. However, you can search for questions that you asked and look to see if there is a preview for an answer. if there is, it was answered. If not, it wasn't answered.The easiest way to do that is to go to your bio page and in the filter, select 'Questions (asked)' and then click 'Go'.

Where are new unanswered questions in a WikiAnswers category?

If you go to a category homepage there is a link to Unanswered questions above the category title in the top left. If you do not see this you may be viewing a category topic page instead of the category homepage. The easiest way to get to a category homepage is by clicking on "browse categories" in the left-hand toolbar and then searching for the category.

Is there a way to browse answered questions on WikiAnswers?

Yes. There is a page in which you can search categories for unanswered questions. View the link below to see the page.

How do you find old uncategorized questions that have not been answered?

There is no automatic way to take you to the oldest of the questions in the Uncategorized category. To see all the questions in the Uncategorized category, click on the Related link.

How do you write good supporting sentences in a paragraph?

Make sure that they support the topic sentence! One way to check this is to mentally change the topic or main idea into a question - then, just be sure that each sentence in your paragraph answers that question somehow!When you are composing your paragraph, the best way is to make a list of every fact about the topic. Look up information if you need to! Use lots of detail and make the sentences easy to understand. In this way, you can be sure that each of your sentences will support the topic instead of changing the subject.To make your supporting sentences more vivid and interesting, add description and detail. Click on the Related Questions to see how to make "word pictures" when you write.

Is there a way to contact spirits?

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What is a topic sentence look like?

A topic sentence is a sentence that explains your topic.

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Yes, the Sun does revolve.It revolves around the central galactic core of our Galaxy, the Milky Way. (See related questions)The Sun also rotates. (See related questions)Yes it does

Why is there so many questions?

because that's the way life is all about

Is there a way to know how many unanswered questions there are for a certain category?

The only real way to find out is to select a category, find out how many pages there are, and multiply the number of pages by the number of questions displayed per page (the default is 50 questions per page).

What is a good synthesis essay thesis statement?

Synthesis Thesis Statements:According to CILTE (p. xxiv), synthesis thesis statements answer the question:"What can be said about what these two authors say?"They do NOT answer the questions:"How can I convince people to think my way about the topic""What do I think of the information/topic?"

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Are there any available cheats for questionaut?

No. The only way to play Questionaut is to answer the questions. (see related question)