Is there adult-onset asthma?


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Adult asthmaI developed "adult asthma" a few years ago (37 years old now).

I was having very hard time breathing and catching my breath. I had a severe case of bronchitis a few months before these breathing symptoms started. I used an inhaler on a daily basis and stopped running and other outdoor activities. I finally went to an allergy specialist and have been doing much better. I receive the drops under my tongue instead of a shot. It has already relieved most symptoms. It does not work overnite, but if you follow the doctor's orders and take your drops as directed, within two to three years you should feel much better.

One of the things that scared me was at nite, when I just could NOT catch my breath. I had to learn to relax since being anxious only adds to the problem.

God bless.

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  • My Asthma get worse each day now and its inter my jobs I have too leave them no heat,too cold, But too tired to fight back and I been sick for 3.5 weeks now off and on work? Can I get SSI with this problem I have?
  • All I know, is that when it comes to wanting to breathe, I will do what it takes. For several years, I have had excercise induced asthma that is easily treated with an inhaler before I excercise. However, my asthma seems to have worsened even when I am not working out. A common cold or slight infection limits my ability to breathe and soon results in wheezing, and other symptoms that I know now contributes to asthma. Currently, I have been prescribed the combination therapies: corticosteroid inhaler, nebulizer, and a preventive. I will also assess whether an allergist can assist with my asthma as a means to not rely on these medications to help me in my efforts to live a life not entirely dependent on meds. I am doubtful that this is all it will take since these flare ups occur now with regularity no matter what I do to prevent them, even going the nutritional route with urgency (Flax seed, Vitamins, etc.).

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