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Is there air or water on Mars?

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Water on Mars:Not free flowing water. But images returned from NASA space missions suggest that water used to flow as you can see dry river beds on the surface of the planet. From images and techniques used to measure Ice levels on earth, it appears that at the polar extremes of the planet there are large amounts of ice. If melted this ice would lead to an average level of water covering the entire surface by 11 metres high. If this ice was melted if would generate oxygen in the atmosphere and possible life on mars could be started. Air on Mars:Mars does have an atmosphere, mostly CO2, but it is very thin. The components of Mars' atmosphere is as follows: Carbon dioxide 95.32%, Nitrogen 2.7%, Argon 1.6%, Oxygen 0.13%, Carbon monoxide 0.07%, Water vapor 0.03%, Nitric oxide 0.013%, Neon 2.5 μmol/mol (2.5 millionths of a mole), Krypton 300 nmol/mol (300 billionths of a mole), Formaldehyde 130 nmol/mol, Xenon 80 nmol/mol, Ozone 30 nmol/mol, and Methane 10.5 nmol/mol (which may suggest that there is organic life there).
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Is there breathable air or drinkable water on Mars for humans?

no on air not much on water

What composites are found on mars?

water and air

What is an important effect of Mars' low air pressure?

mars has oceans of liquid water

What are mars polar caps made of?

it is made out of water and air.

What are the air and water conditions like on Mars?

Both exist there, but the water is trapped in ice, and the air is mostly CO2 and thin.

What is the the air like on Mars?

................ there is no air on mars................

Is there air on Mars?

Well Mars has only got a little bit of air.there is no air on mars because its to hot

Why can't a robin live on Mars?

Cold, lack of air, water, birdseed.

What else that Mars have?

mars has a lot of rocks and there are no living things on mars no even today even scientists never found any people living inside mars they only found out that mars has no air and no water

Why are not you going on mars for living?

We think there might be water because we found ice but there is no actual evidence. There is no air/atmosphere so we cannot breathe. We cannot live without water or air and the climate of Mars is different then ours.

Can you make air on Mars?

The oxygen portion of air suitable for humans to use on Mars can be manufactured by electrolysis of water, decomposition of mineral oxides by heat, or the photosynthesis of Martian carbon dioxide.

Is water on Mars?

no there is not water on mars but NASA found out there used to be water flowing on mars

What should you bring to mars?

you should take a lot of water And a great deal of air.

Why would it be difficult to get to mars?

because there is no water and air presence so if we will go there we will die

Does Mars have evidence of water?

mars has water

Is on Mars life or water?

Some tresses of water on mars .So we can say that there is water on mars

How much water does Mars have?

Back then, it had water all over Mars.

What is the humidity on Mars like?

Almost None. Just Barely .03% water vapor in the air. Almost None. Just Barely .03% water vapor in the air.

Is there liquid anything on Mars?

Not that we know of. The "air" pressure on Mars is so low that water cannot exist in the liquid state; it will be either a gas or a solid. We know that there is some water on Mars; at night, the water vapor condenses as frost onto solid surfaces, such as rocks or spacecraft.

What type of air does mars have on it?

92.3% carbon Dioxide the planet only has 6% water in the soil.

Would you choke in Mars?

yes you would because its dry nd hot there. It has no air, but it has water.

On the visit to mars what would we need?

Air, water and food, and something to keep us warm.

Does mars have flowing water on it?

mars has flowing water on it

Is there water on Mars or inside Mars?

Yes. But there is only frozen water on Mars, not liquid water like what we drink!

What kind of evidence would the mars exploration rovers be looking for that indicated that water once flowed on mars?

Is there water on Mars :) ???????????????surface temperatures on Mars are too low for liquid water to exist and Mars has no rivers, seas, or oceans. However, there was water once. I know this because I am an austernaut that studdys Mars. And Mars has dried up water channelsYes there is water on Mars

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