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Is there air or water on Mars?



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Water on Mars:

Not free flowing water. But images returned from NASA space missions suggest that water used to flow as you can see dry river beds on the surface of the planet. From images and techniques used to measure Ice levels on earth, it appears that at the polar extremes of the planet there are large amounts of ice. If melted this ice would lead to an average level of water covering the entire surface by 11 metres high. If this ice was melted if would generate oxygen in the atmosphere and possible life on mars could be started.

Air on Mars:

Mars does have an atmosphere, mostly CO2, but it is very thin. The components of Mars' atmosphere is as follows: Carbon dioxide 95.32%, Nitrogen 2.7%, Argon 1.6%, Oxygen 0.13%, Carbon monoxide 0.07%, Water vapor 0.03%, Nitric oxide 0.013%, Neon 2.5 μmol/mol (2.5 millionths of a mole), Krypton 300 nmol/mol (300 billionths of a mole), Formaldehyde 130 nmol/mol, Xenon 80 nmol/mol, Ozone 30 nmol/mol, and Methane 10.5 nmol/mol (which may suggest that there is organic life there).