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Is there an Action Replay code for Pokemon Diamond and Pearl that makes the first in your party have max stats?


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March 25, 2012 6:32PM

You can raise the stats of all your pokemon but not the first in you party i have heard of this pkrs thing you can give to you pokemon without cheats it's double's all the stats of the pokemon with pkrs. No, there isn't an Action Replay code that automatically raises the stats of the first Pokemon in your party to the maximum amount. However, there are two ways to increase your Pokemon's stats:

  1. Input the desired IV enhancement codes and use them on your Pokemon.
  2. Download Pokesav and have full control over your Pokemon's statistics (gender, name, IV, EV, moves, etc.) Once you have the desired results, save the file and copy and paste the code into the Action Replay Manager.

Some things to keep in mind about the second option:

  • If you intend to max all of your Pokemon's values (255) and give it an ability unknown to its kind, your Pokemon will not be eligible to trade via the Global Trading Center nor will they be able to participate in competitions held at the Battle Tower. If you would like for them to be able to participate in all activities then try to make them as legitimate as possible. If you don't know their original ability(s), look it up. Moves don't matter so if you want to teach your Pokemon a move it's unable to learn, it will still be eligible for trades/tournaments.
  • Remember to input your trainer ID, gender and secret ID if you'd like the game to recognize the Pokemon as yours. If you don't know your secret ID, use the following Action Replay code:

    94000130 fcff0000

    b21c4d28 00000000

    b0000004 00000000

    da000000 000002e2

    d6000000 000002e4

    d2000000 00000000

    Press L+R to activate, go to your trainer card and whatever amount you have in Pokemon currency is your secret ID number.

  • Whether you choose to place your "hacked" Pokemon in your party or one of your PC boxes, be sure that the Pokemon you currently have in that spot is one you are willing to lose as you will not get it back.
  • I agree with answer 2 action replay wrecks your game, that's why I don't use it.If you were smart protect your game from this virus!
  • Not to be mean, but don't use action replay, it messes up your game... Pokéesav doesn't, You can make out your Pokemon greatly along with many other enhancements. Actually, if you plan to use it with AR, then go ahead, it might be better to make it legit too!