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Yes many but the best one to use would depend also on the surface and type of soil. For the best all around industrial strength cleaner, I recommend simple green. To go any stronger you would probably have to use a solvent or lacquer thinner which some surfaces can't take.

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How do you sterilise about 2cubic meters soil in a small glass house?

drench the soil with 40mls of jeyes fluid to 5 litres of water

How do you remove pet odor from outdoor dirt yard?

Jeyes Fluid is the best thing i have found to work--however if you are going to have animals living there, it may be harmful to their skin. Care should be taken during application to avoid damage to the eyes and mucous membranes. This product is made in New Zealand. Try removing the top layer of soil and put it in the garbage or trash. Mix remaining soil with lime. Add new soil.

What is a physical removal of visible soil and food?


Is heap the opposite of clean?

No. The noun "heap" is a pile, and to heap is to pile up. For laundry, however, it might be the alternative to cleaning it. The opposite of clean is dirty, or soiled. The opposite verb is also to dirty or soil.

What are canadas natural resources?

wood, oil, rich soil, alternative fuel

What alternative energy sources could lead to soil nutrient depletion?


Why does soil need lime?

Lime has two effects on soil. First, it neutralizes acidity. Second, it may be a slow-acting alternative or a complement to gypsum in the treatment of sodic, dispersive clay soil.

Can steam cleaning damage my carpet?

No. Hot water extraction is considered to be the best method for removing embedded soil and other contaminants. It is also the preferred cleaning method by the leading carpet manufacturers.

What releases a fluid that helps the passage of the root tip through soil?

root cap

How much do carpet cleaning company's charge?

Basic carpet cleaning, which may include spot removal, steam cleaning, and preconditioning should run about $33 a room. Extras like scotchgard, deep soil scrubbing and furniture moving will cost extra.

What happens to rainwater that falls on land in the water cycle?

Some of it is absorbed into the soil. From there it can be taken up by vegetation, run into aquifers or form underground streams. A second alternative is that it runs off the top soil to form a stream which will flow into bigger streams or lakes and ponds. Another alternative is that it evaporates.

The basic approaches to cleaning contaminated soil include?

Containment, off-site containment, on- or off-site treatment, or disposal

Basic approaches to cleaning contaminated soil include?

cantainment, off-site containment, on- or off-site treatment, or disposal

What does the basic approaches to cleaning contaminated soil include?

Containment, off-site containment, on- or off-site treatment, or disposal

How does absorbency happen?

The fluid goes inside the air holes/pockets in the soil/sponge/material.

Why soil mechanics as a separate discipline from the general mechanics?

Soil mechanics is a discipline in which application of laws of mechanics and fluid mechanics are applied where as in mechanics laws of physics are applied

How do worms digest food?

Worms eat soil with there mouth that goes to a thing called a crop, that releases a fluid that helps it digest, then the soil goes to a thing called a gizzard, that grinds up the soil, then it passes through the intestines, that take nutrients from the the soil, and finally to its anus.

What happens when soil in an area soaks up as much water as it can hold?

It becomes fluid mud and can flow.

What are the preventive measures of soil pollution?

The way(not really the best) to prevent soil pollution is to plant more trees because trees help in cleaning soil, maintaining its fertility. Trees are helpful to us because without trees, we'll not have the right soil and soil is the place where things get decomposed(things that can decompose only). That's my simplest answer for that question. posted by: joseph_ck16

What is good for carpet cleaning?

The best way if your diy carpet cleaning is to use a soil extraction machine. If you use a hire machine from your local hire shop,they will offer cleaning solution too. But if you want to know what's best for diy carpet cleaning, I suggest using a better quality solutions. You can get good products like a pre-spray solution and a rinse solution from most cleaning supplies stores. You will need to use a carpet pile brush in order to agitate the carpet pre-spray solution into your carpet. Then you rinse out the pre-spray solution and the loose soils with a quality rinse solution in your soil extraction machine.

What is soil and why is it important to conserve it?

Soil is a mixture of assorted rock powders, fragments, and dust, along with organic matter such as decaying leaves, etc. Soil is necessary for most forms of agriculture, without which the human race could not feed itself. Hydroponics is a alternative that does not require soil, however, it is not economically feasible to switch to an all hydroponic system of food production.

In areas where unconsolidated sediments are saturated with water earthquakes can turn stable soil into a fluid through a process called?


Occurs when an earthquake turns soil into liquid mud?

This process is known as liquifaction, and converts the soil/water mis into a fluid. When the external exciting force is removed, the components revert to their natural states of rest.

Alternative for cast iron soil pipe?

Schedule 40 PVC pipe. Legal in all residential and up to 3 story commercial applications.

Do household cleaning products pollute soil and groundwater?

Yes,it effects the water and plants which means if rivers and lakes are polluted plants and animals are also effected

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