Is there an alternative to Think-Cell for Mac?

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2013-08-20 14:49:47

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Yes, Aploris offers a chart editor for PowerPoint that is also available for Office for Mac.

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2013-08-20 14:49:47
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Q: Is there an alternative to Think-Cell for Mac?
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What is an alternative to a window?

yes there is mac and there is Linux

What is a cheaper alternative to the Mac Book?

The hp pavillion

Is there pivit for Mac for free?

There is currently no version of Pivot for Mac OS X, free or otherwise. An alternative would be Stykz which is available for Mac OS X and is free. (See links below)

How do you get photofiltre on your new apple mac book pro?

The Photofiltre software is only available for the Windows operating system and so will not work with Mac OS X on a Mac. Depending upon what you wish to achieve there are numerous alternative applications/plug ins available for the Mac.

Are alternative operating systems any less susceptible to viruses than windows?

Linux and Mac are the best alternative operating systems as they almost don't get affected by any kind of virus.

Does corel paintshop pro x3 work on mac computers?

Corel do not produce a version of PaintShop Pro for Mac OS X. The Mac will need to be running the Windows operating system to use Paintshop Pro or alternative paint software that supports Mac OS X could be used.

How do you download iMovie on Windows 7?

Apple only makes their software for Mac. Windows Movie Maker is an alternative option.

What operating system does a Macintosh use?

Apple's Macintosh computers use Mac OS X. The X stands for 10 and the current version is 10.6.6. Mac OS X followed on from Mac OS 9 which was last updated in 2001. Windows and Linux are alternative operating systems that will run on a Mac if required.

Do you need to install Microsoft office 2011 in an iMac?

Not unless you want to use the software. In that case you will need Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac which you will have to purchase. You can also install the free alternative Open Office for Mac.

Does Microsoft Flight Simulator X run on Mac OS X?

Microsoft's Flight Sim X only works with the Windows operating system so to use it on a Mac you will need to install and run Windows on the Mac. There are alternative flight simulators available for the Mac the best one being Xplane. (See links below)

Can you make a video call on Mac?

If both parties are using a Mac then they can use iChat to make video calls. An alternative is the Skype phone networking software that also has a video call funcation. (See links below)

Do apples laptops have msn?

a Mac version of MSN Messenger can be downloaded from the Microsoft website although the current Mac version does not support all the features found in the Windows version. Alternative software such as Adium or aMSN are available.

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