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Is there an animal which is cold-blooded and warm- blooded?


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no there isn't an animal who is cold blooded and warm blooded they are either cold blooded or warm blooded.


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Leopards are mammals - which are warm-blooded.

Warm-Blooded , knowing it is a mammal and most mammals are warm blooded.

No. They are warm-blooded.

seahorses are coldblooded

they are not cold or warm blooded because they dont have blood

no they are warm blooded animals

Nope. They are coldblooded :)

They are warm blooded, just like all other mammals.warm blooded reptiles are coldblooded :)

They're reptiles, So no, they're coldbloodedSnakes are coldblooded.

An eagle is warm blooded, all birds are.

The answer is no. All salamanders are coldblooded.

cold blooded - they are mollusks

No; whales are mammals, which are warm-blooded.

Reptiles are cold-blooded and birds are warm-blooded.

Rats are mammals. All mammals are warm-blooded. So rats are warm blooded.

Coldblooded; plus they lay eggs not give birth to live young

No, Mammals are all warm blooded. Reptiles and Amphibians are cold blooded, as are Sea Creatures (Salt & Fresh Water) that are not Mammals.

Like all mammals, koalas are warm blooded.

All mammals are warm blooded A fox is a mammal.

birds are warm blooded just like all other flying mammals

No: like all mammals, they are warm blooded.

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