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Yes, and a perfectly logical one. Hormones control sexual urges - sometimes taking over rational logical thought. However, only your mind can bring to the surface the concequences of following through with those urges. Down, tiger.

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How do you tell if your spouse is interested in someone eles?

Love is a matter of choice. For a spouse who is interested in someone else, it is best to find out the reason for the interest. Such spouses show little or no interest with their first spouse.

Do men cheat with women similar to spouse?

Usually not. It's usually with someone who is not like his spouse.

Can a spouse sue you for adultery if they are with someone themselves?


What do you call someone who always disagrees?

a spouse

Can a soon to be ex spouse get a no contact order preventing you from dating or living with your girlfriend?

No. A spouse or ex spouse cannot get an order to prevent you from seeing someone else. They could get a no contact order to keep you away from them but not someone else.

Can one spouse force the other spouse into a divorce?

If you live in the US, you can't force someone to stay married to you.

What is parent without a spouse?

A widow (woman) or widower (man) would be someone whose spouse had died after they were married.

The Bible says lusting after someone outside of marriage is wrong. Is it wrong lust after your spouse?

No, it is not wrong to lust after your spouse.

Can your spouse be the executor of your Will in Canada?

It is very common for the spouse to be the executor of a will. They can always decline the responsibility and the court will appoint someone else.

What is best Car insurance for spouse of someone with a DWI?


In Alabama can a spouse own a gun if there spouse is a felon?

Yes, assuming the spouse can otherwise legally own a gun. The problem you run into is when the non-felon spouse has the gun in the house. Short explanation: the felon cannot own or possess a gun, so if there is any chance the felon could access the gun, there could be a problem.

Why does your spouse constantly tease that you are cheating?

Your spouse teasing you or not talking is common. They are feeling left out as you are cheating on someone else.

Is it legal for a spouse to abandon their mate financially and leave them in uninhabitable rental house when they are ill and unable to work.?

It can be, if the spouse left their spouse with no money or someone to look after them, it can be. They would have to go to court.

How do you ask a friend to move out of your home after a verbally abusive episode with her spouse when she has no intention of changing her situation?

If it is your house you have to give no reason for her exit, unless you two have a contract. You are not responsible for someone else's situations. As a friend, she deserves an explanation. But she has no right to more than that.

Can you sue your spouse for impregnating someone during your marriage?

No you cannot sue your spouse on that ground. However, you can divorce him.No you cannot sue your spouse on that ground. However, you can divorce him.No you cannot sue your spouse on that ground. However, you can divorce him.No you cannot sue your spouse on that ground. However, you can divorce him.

What do you call someone who is married to more than one spouse?


How do you know when you have fallen out of love with your spouse?

When you started thinking about someone else.

How does someone get married in The Giver?

A spouse is chosen for that person and they are forced to marry them.

Is a spouse a relative?

Not in the typical understanding of the word. Generally, a relative would be someone who is related by blood. A spouse would, specifically, be "related by marriage".

Did your spouse ever ask for a spanking to resolve a fight?

Then that is not a "fight" as in an "angry argument". ..If your spouse asks to be "spanked" to settle a disagreement , then that is a "sexual fetish" , a clearly well documented category of mild to extreme masochism and submission .

Can a new wife change a family will in Alabama?

The only will someone can change is their own. She can write her will any way that she wishes. She cannot change someone else's will. Having a new spouse can, by operation of law, change the existing will. The courts will insure that the new spouse has something to live on after the death of their spouse.

Would you believe if your spouse explanation why he cheated was he can't think straight anymore about his feelings towards you?

It depends. If he was normally honest with you I would suggest asking for more details. But generally it sounds like a pretty shaky explanation.

How many years can someone file for citizenship if spouse dies before getting his green card?

How many years after can someone file for his citizenship if his spouse died before himgetting his green card? She was us citizen

If a spouse dies but leaves the property in a will to someone else what happens?

"Someone else" gets the property. The surviving spouse can certainly contest the will. And there may be specifics in the state that entitle the surviving spouse to a portion of the real property, or a life estate in real property. Consult an attorney licensed in the state in question.

If your spouse co-signs for someone will it affect your credit too?

No, your credit rating is separate from your spouse. If he or she cosigns it will only effect his or her credit rating.

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