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Dealing with insults?

Insults happen to everyone. A person with great self confidence is someone who can EASILY ignore and forget about an insult. The best revenge is success, just ignore it and keep to yourself. Another Answer Have you ever been insulted? Of course we all have. But when we have been insulted the othe ( Full Answer )

An insult that starts with the letter t?

Thumb-Sucker One who acts immaturely, or babyish. Thunder-Butt One who's butt is so big, when they fart it sounds like thunder. Thunder-Thighs One who is so grossly overweight that their thighs are big enough to shield small towns from sunlight and rain, assuming one could ever raise them ( Full Answer )

Insults that start with c?

One insult that starts with the letter 'c' is 'carrot top'. Manypeople that have red hair do not like to be called a carrot top.

What traditional insult starts the brawl in Romeo and Juliet?

Some servants from each family were walking down the street. They encounter each other. Sampson and Gregory, two servants from the Capulet side decide they want to make the Montague servants angry. So they bite their thumb at them. In that culture, doing that was similar to flipping them off by givi ( Full Answer )

How do you insult a boy?

Call him gay. Unless he is actually gay: in that case, call him a breeder.

What is insulting the meat?

insulting the meat is a way a society might seek to keep everyone equal. it's the opposite of complimenting of course. insulting the meat serves to keep those who gathered it from becoming arrogant and to prevent social stratification.

Walking away from a stressful situation is one example of A. insulting people B. changing the subject C. using refusal skills D. being a coward?

D. now it's not D your not being a coward. Its called Refusal Skills, because you are Refusing to stoop down to someone's level. Instead you walk off and cool down and give the other person time to cool down as well. So your answer is C Refusal Skills, like they say it takes a bigger person to do ( Full Answer )

What are some insults that start with K?

A bit old and Shakespearean, but "knave" has been a goofy favorite of mine for a while. . Main Entry knave Pronunciation \ˈnāv\ Function noun, Etymology Middle English, from Old English cnafa; akin to Old High German knabo boy Date before 12th century . ( Full Answer )

What are insulting words?

Insulting words are words that hurt people internally like 'I hate you' or 'you are useless' can hurt you and make you feel sad, mad, frustrated... etc.

What is a insultator?

The only time I ever heard the word "Insultator" was in an episode of Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction. In this episode, the Insultator is an electronic device a taxi driver installs in his cab that plays insults about people being "cheap" to passengers who don't tip, e.g., "Nice tip, you must be savi ( Full Answer )

What is a Shakespearian insult?

A Shakesperian insult is an instult written by Shakespear. For instance, one is "You toad-breathed onion eyed small mammal sucker!".

What are Shakespeare insults?

Shakespeare insults are insults, using the Elizabethan language.. Ex. From Henry IV part 1 . "Thou clay-brained guts, thou knotty-pated fool, thou whoreson obscene greasy tallow-catch!"

Insult beginning with a?

It is an insult to say that someoneis "As useful as a lead balloon." It is an insult to say thatsomeone is "All bark and no bite."

Why do you insult Texas?

I don't insult Texas but, some people do because of how the people talk and dress.

What is insultion?

No such word as INSULTION, but there is a word which is INSULTATION, meaning insult.

Why is gay an insult?

In every culture there are behavior expectations based on gender. For instance, in Scotland it is very normal for a man to wear a kilt. In the United States, if a man chose to wear a kilt (basically a plaid skirt), he would be considered extremely odd by people who are ignorant about Scottish tradit ( Full Answer )

What rhymes with insulting?

Revolting and molting both rhyme with insulting. consulting, exulting, resulting, assaulting, defaulting, exulting, faulting, occulting, vaulting, somersaulting

What starts with c?

Cab, cabinet, cage, can, car, chain, cleats, cowbell and crowbar are objects that start with C.

What were nazi insults?

Nazis refer the regime of Adolf Hitler who plunged Europe into war,and resulted in the downfall of Germany in 1945. Nazi insultsregard their culture of slurs, and verbal attacks on theirpolitical opponents (liberals, communists, etc. ), Jews, Slavs,Gypsies, and homosexuals.

What is your favorite insult?

Mine is-Yo Mama is like a bowling ball she gets fingered chucked in the gutter and still comes back for more.

How do you overcome insults?

Well being bullied is hard on the mind. The best way I know to deal with insults is to not take it personal. Another answer. Have you ever been insulted? Of course we all have. But when we have been insulted the other person was right in what they said about you. Also has someone tried to insult ( Full Answer )

What is a good insult?

a good insult would be probably depending on their weight,hiegt,or something else. some good insults if they're fat are:every girl has the right to be fat but you abused that privalige or dont you need a licence to be that fat? glad i could help:)

What is insulting to Indians?

Tell him this: Why are you so brown? Do you ever take a bathe. Tell hime that ok hope it works

What is an insult that starts with the letter W?

Here are some insults that start with the letter W: weakling wuss weirdo woman witch Why are you so fat? Where did you get that ugly mask? When did you have time to get a PhD in stupidity?

Why do people insult blonds?

Stereotypes. The stereotype for blondes is that they are ditzy, and definitely not all blondes are ditzy. There are probably just as many ditzy red heads and brunettes as there are blondes. Stereotypes are stupid.

What insult does Okonkwo use?

Okonkwo says to one man whom had no titles, "This meeting is for men," which implies that the clansman is not a man, but a woman.

What is the funniest insult?

Your mama so fat that when she put a blue suit on and jumped out of a plane everyone thought the sky was falling OR your mum !!

What do Gypsies do if you insult them?

If you insult Gypsies they will never invite you to their parties again. If you insult Gypsies [ Rom or Romany peoples ] , simply apologize for your ignorance of their culture and/or customs. If you really insulted them inadverdently , they will forgive you. If you are really interested in having ( Full Answer )

How do you deal with insults?

"Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me". Don't listen to them. Inside you know who you are, that is all that matters!

Your friend of ten years has randomly started insulting and angering you what can you do?

A friendship of ten years is worth saving ... there can be a number of reasons for this ... depending on the "Friends " age this can range from immaturity to there being some thing said about you concerning your friend in a negative way ... simply how to resolve this is to be the better person and h ( Full Answer )

How do you insult your boyfriend?

Why would you wanna do that?! name calling, hurting each other on's not necessary, and above all, very childish. If you have some kind of issue with him, talk to him about it. Nothing's gonna get better by insulting each other.

Is prick an insult?

Answer = yes! It can be an insult depending on how and why you use it an d to whom.

What does insulted mean?

it means if some ones being mean to you and they will insult you if you don't like this answer than how about this i say to you your ugly and have horrible hair than i am insulting you.

What can you do when someone insults you?

Try to ignore them but if it persists say something witty so they know that your not insult-able stuff. Also asking an elder to help is an option

Is dumb a insult?

Not necessarily. Technically it means "unable to speak". However, it's come to be used as a synonym for "stupid", and is generally regarded as insulting.

What is the synonym for insult?

abuse, affront, aspersion, black eye, blasphemy, cheap shot, contempt, contumely, derision, despite, discourtesy, disdainfulness, disgrace, disrespect, ignominy, impertinence, impudence, incivility, indignity, insolence, invective, libel, mockery, obloquy, offense, opprobrium, outrage, put-down, rud ( Full Answer )

What do you do if someone insulting you?

what i would do is just ignore them and show that you don't care.... they are doing it just to make themselves feel better on a problem they are going through because they don't want to feel miserable by themselves so just ignore them and show you don't care and they will leave you alone because the ( Full Answer )

Why is an alcoholic insulting?

Alcoholics tend to use intoxication as an excuse to engage in otherwise unacceptable behaviors, such as being insulting, aggressive, etc.

What is an insult to Germans?

Using the familiar form of you (du) to strangers Holding your hand up with the finger touching the thumb in a circle (used to signify "OK" in America.

Why your A C does not starts?

Could be a number of reasons. It's pretty much impossible to narrow it down without knowing what the actual symptoms are. When you say your AC doesn't start, you could mean the blower fan isn't kicking on, you could mean your AC compressor isn't kicking on.... the question's much too vague.