Is there an online game that is like Halo?


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there is Call of Duty 4 or call of duty: world at war coming out soon.

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Yes it is an online game

Do you mean "Where is"? A game like halo wars is called Halo.

I dint know if you would like this game, but if you type in google, phosphor, it is a game like halo and is pretty fun. I hope you like it.

Most people prefer Halo: Reach. Many people also like Halo 3. You can play awesome online games on both. I prefer Halo: Reach.

No there is no online Halo 3 ODST game. If there was,Then BUNGIE would have told everone in a commerical.

Metroid prime...halo basically copied

halo wars is a strstegy game like age of empires the halo series is a shooter game like metal gear solid 4

Only if you start a custom game and invite friends, but not online like a matchmaking match.

Yes, if you have the Halo 3 PC version of the game

you can get halo on the xbox in downloads on the main screen or you can go to a gaming center

Halo Reach is a good game. It isn't exactly what I would consider a mlg based game like halo 3 due to the horrible melee and 5 shot system, but it is still fun if you have a group of friends to mess around with online.

Buy it, you can find it at most game retail stores or online stores like eBay or Amazon.

supposedly its like the time during halo 3 but instead of being master chief, your one of the marines in a squad. it will be a online co-op based game and it will be musch darker and grittier.

Everyone has their own opinion about this game. In my opinion, Ibelieve the the Halo series is a fun first person shooter game. Plus, it has great online gameplay. Halo 3 is one of the most sold game for the xbox 360. If i were you I would buy Halo 3 (if you like first person). (There is not such thing about a game being perfect and the being the best game ever.)

To be honest the first online game i ever played was Halo 2 and that is pretty much like Halo 3. Halo 3 is a top of the line online games so that means that online gaming hasn't changed too much in my eyes. The support around it is the main thing that has changed because now you have marketplaces, friends lists, movie downloads and even game downloads coming with things like Xbox Live.

i play a lot of games far cry 2 is a big game like u can explore anywhere u want like oblivion and fallout 3. halo 3 has a good campagin but its all about the online there's aload of online achievements added last year for me its halo 3 its legendary, but its what you like, vast maps do what ever you want kinda game or loads of online play? remember though your always gonna get those people on halo 3 that play nothing but halo 3 and are impossible to play against

no you must bie the actual game for online play

Yes evry game online does

No you need xbox live Gold to play any game online including Halo 3.

Halo: Waypoint is an Xbox Live only application. It isn't an actual game, only a way to track your progress with achievements in the many Halo games.

There is no game quite like Halo, but Destiny is coming out for PS4 as well as X1, and it will have many Halo-like parts.

no nothing like halo bu there is call of duty but i am not a fan of he wii

In my opinion, Halo 3 is better, but it depends on what type of game you like. If you like shooters, then Halo 3. If you like hack and slash games, then The Force Unleashed.

cod4 and second its halo 3 cod4 and second its halo 3

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