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Try Tias web page for Antiques and Collectibles or Rubylane Web page for Antiques & Art, Vintage Collectibles and Jewelry items from around the world

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Q: Is there an online guide to antique and vintage jewelry with pictures?
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Where would someone purchase vintage costume jewelry?

If you want to buy antique jewelry online then Boylerpf is the best place. Boylerpf is fit for all of your occasion need and fit for your mood. Usually discounted price available always, customer support, and after-sales service is major highlight about Boylerpf.

Mix and Match Your Wardrobe with Antique Jewelry?

Antique jewelry makes any outfit look more elegant, and antique jewelry is available at affordable prices in neighborhood antique shops or in online stores that specialize in selling antique jewelry. Women who wear antique rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces and pendants also often match these exquisite pieces of antique jewelry with articles of vintage clothing to create stunning outfits that inspire many compliments from friends, fellow workers and relatives. The appeal of antique jewelry is, in fact, so great that there are online shops that specialize in carrying replica pieces of antique jewelry. The retro look is currently very fashionable, and antique jewelry adds extra appeal to any wardrobe.

Where can someone purchase vintage engagement rings online?

To buy vintage engagement rings online, you can go to Kay Jewelers and Zales which are well-known retailers. Other sources for vintage and antique rings are Ross-Simons, Tacori, Georgian Jewelry, and EraGem.

Where can one purchase a vintage pendant?

A vintage style pendant can be bought at almost any jewelry store, including online at Amazon. If one is looking for an actual vintage pendant, antique stores or eBay are the best places to search.

What is the best place to find a vintage jewelry box?

The best place to find a vintage jewelry box would probably be a local antique dealer, failing that auction houses may also have jewelry boxed for sale. Failing that the next best place to try would be online.

Is there free online guide to vintage and antique pricing?

No, there isn't!

Buying Vintage Jewelry?

If you or someone you know are a vintage jewelry fanatic, you've probably been having a blast these past few years. Vintage jewelry has been very in style. Many companies have even made replicas of vintage jewelry. These replicas have been sold at very low prices. However, occasionally, someone will try to overcharge a person by saying a piece of replica jewelry is the real thing. Do not let yourself be fooled! If you want to buy real vintage jewelry, make sure you buy it from a reputable vintage or antique dealer. There are many of these types of establishments online. How can you tell if an online vintage jewelry shop is fake or the real deal? It's simple, just ask a lot of questions. Those with nothing to hide will have no trouble answering your questions. Those who are running hoax establishments will not want to answer your questions. There are all sorts of vintage jewelry, from antique jewelry made in the 1920's, to 1960's jewelry, even up to 1980's jewelry. Rule of thumb states that it takes about twenty years for an item to be considered vintage. In addition to vintage jewelry, there is also upcycled jewelry. A lot of upcycled jewelry takes pieces of broken vintage jewelry and combines them to make new jewelry. This gives vintage things a new flare. If you are looking for upcycled jewelry, you may want to try looking at online do-it-yourself websites or small shops. Some online vintage shops may also have upcycled jewelry. On another note, it is important to note a special health concern with vintage jewelry. If someone chooses to buy vintage earrings, they should make sure that they clean and sanitize the earrings first. Professional jewelers can give you tips on how to clean and sanitize jewelry. The internet is also full of how-to lists dealing with the subject.

Is my great grandmothers necklace considered vintage?

There are many online shops that sell vintage jewelry. is one of online shop that sells vintage jewelry with any kind of models. You can visit

What are some recommended online retailers offering unique antique jewelry?

There are a number of sites that offer unique antique jewelry. A few recommended online retailers offering unique antique jewelry include Amazon, Kay, Zales, and Tiffany & Co.

Where might one purchase antique faucet parts?

Antique faucet parts can be purchased online and at local antique stores. Online, antique faucet parts can be purchased at Vintage Tub, eBay, and Plumbing Direct.

How do you find out the value of a large collection of vintage jewelry?

Get the opinion of several well respected jewelers and antique dealers. Determining the value of vintage designer jewelry is a specialized appraisal field that requires a great deal of vintage jewelry knowledge and experience. Most vintage jewelry experts are those who sell jewelry online from their own websites, however very few have time to help novices with questions, give research & designer history information, and give appropriate book values for vintage jewelry. Very few people are willing to do this. They do not have the time and the time invested in such is not profitable.

Where can someone find vintage pictures of movie stars?

Vintage pictures of movie stars can be found throughout the internet. There are also a host of places that can be found online that enable someone to purchase vintage pictures. Some autograph hunters sell their collections online and this includes pictures.

Where can one see pictures of antique cars online?

Someone can see pictures of antique cars online on any image site such as Google images, or on websites that sell antique cars and post pictures to show the car to people before they buy it.

Where can someone purchase antique jewelry boxes online?

One can purchase jewellery boxes online from: Etsy, eBay, Amazon, Overstock, Target, Walmart, Argos, Sears, Pottery Barn, Way Fair, Vintage Online, to name a few.

Where can I find antique diamond rings online?

You can buy antique diamond rings online from Another site which sells antique jewelry is

Where can one find vintage maps for sale?

A good place to buy vintage maps is eBay. Other sources one can purchase vintage maps at are local or online antique stores. Some examples to buy maps at are the online antique store Pine Brook Maps and Maps.

I want the ring to be special, where can I find antique engagement rings?

Your local jewelry stores might sell antique rings. Pawn shops, flea markets, vintage stores might have them too. Online auctions sites frequently have many as well.

Where can I find a good a vintage jewelry?

There are online shops that sell vintage jewelry. A good example would be auction sites like eBay, where people sell used jewelry. Many local jewelers and second-hand shops also sell vintage jewelry.

Where could a person find antique jewelry online or offline?

Ebay has a section for antique jewelery online. Lang Antique, located in San Fransisco sells antique jewelery. If you want to sell your antique jewelery, you should contact them.

Where can one purchase antique cufflinks?

Antique or vintage cufflinks can be bought at a lot of online shops. Justcufflinks is an example of such a store. They offer an extensive collection of antique cufflinks.

Where can you buy antique jewelry boxes?

You can buy antique jewelry boxes at many places online. You are likely to score a great deal at Ebay and/or Amazon. You can also visit antique stores and estate sales.

Where can one purchase a vintage rug?

One can purchase a vintage rug in the following online stores; Carpet Vista, atlantisrugs, Antique Oriental Rugs at Namizyal Collection, and Antique Oriental Rug site.

Where can one purchase a vintage copper bathtub?

One can purchase a vintage copper bathtub by visiting an antique store. Vintage tubs can also be found at some sites online where vintage objects are sold.

Where can one buy antique books online?

Vintage Books is good online web site that has information about vintage books and vintage books for trade or sell if you live in the Portland-Vancouver area. But, the web site also has links to other vintage book buyers and sellers.

Where can one purchase antique sconces?

Antique sconces can give your home a nice vintage look. eBay has a lot of them for sale. If you are apprehensive about purchasing online, your local antique dealer might have some.

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